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Apr 7, 2004
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Hi - this is my first post. I actually think that anything that starts by calling itself 'The Grumble' has a rather negative tone, but it does seem to be well read, so, there you go.
I'm with LION Picture Framing Supplies Ltd in UK (www.lionpic.co.uk). We are long established distributors of framing materials and equipment to professional framers in the UK.
We have an excellent and well proven product called SpringLOCK . This is designed, made and patented in UK.
It is the working alternative to T-screws. Its design allows you to use any almost any screw length or size into the wall, with almost any appropriate patented fixing. So, it is ideal for sheetrock surfaces. It is quick to install and needs no tool to lock it - but you do need a tool to release it. Price is about the same as T-screws.
We plan to introduce it to the USA market over the next few months, with an official launch at Decor Expo in Atlanta in September. Stock will be in a warehouse there and we shall be able to ship quickly to framers and distributors.
To help us get the SpringLOCK literature and website right, we want to get some USA framers to trial it and let us know what you think of it.
The first 100 framers to contact me at martin@lionpic.co.uk will be mailed a sample pack and full information.
Looking forward to hearing from you. Martin / Lion

Welcome to the Grumble

OK Guys give Martin a good welcome he is the “Peter Ackerman” of this part of the world……it sounds to me that Martin is judging the book by the cover……….he may just need a little convincing that The G is a VERY POSITIVE thing……

Hi, Martin. Welcome to The Grumble. If you stick around a while, you'll see why it's called The Grumble.

I would encourage you to utilize the "commercial posts" forum for future classifieds, but this is an interesting offer and will likely be seen by more people here.

Some of your UK customers would really like to have a source for Wallbuddies, by the way.
I just had a quick look at my Lion Catalogue………the SpringLock© looks very good….well worth investigating and having had to install 150 pieces :rolleyes: one time using T-Screws I feel I have some qualifications to comment.

Martin good luck with your launch in the US.

Welcome to the Grumble. You have a brand new framing forum over there that has just recently addressed the question of where to buy WallBuddies and one respondant said that he had contacted Lion about them and Lion had refused to carry them. Is there a conflict with some of the products that you currently carry that would prevent you from checking out the WallBuddies system for possible distribution in the UK??

I would think that this product would fit in quite well with the SpringLOCK that you are promoting here on our forum as Darrel Keller has developed a security WallBuddies that uses the conventional T-bolt for fastening to the wall.

If I were marketing this item, I would be checking quite strongly into what Darrel has to offer in the way of products that could be introduced into the UK market and also how your product could help his sell better. (Read "his sell better", "YOURS sell better")

Here are Darrel's Website and his email address wallbuddies@sio.midco.net

Good luck with your venture here in the States.

I believe this is the same product that used to be sold by Art & Frame Supply out of Houston Texas. They disappeared about 4-5 years ago which was really a pain as I was using this hardware regularly and couldn't find it anywhere. Works great. I really liked it for boats and ferrys and such as you just need to get 2 screws into the wall to lock onto. On metal bulkheads T-Screws are a real PITA so the SpringLocks were a godsend or at least they were until I could no longer get them.
They can be a little harder to level if you miss the first time...you have to adjust the hardware on the frame instead of on the wall but once you're level you just push in the clips and you're done, no taking the piece down again to put in the T-Screws. As I recall you only use 2 locks, one on each side of the frame. The only problem with this is that you can get your fingers easily under the lower frame corners and pull out using the frame as a lever to pull the hardware out. Using 1/4" thick spacers or Bumpons on the top and bottom of the frame may help prevent this. I don't know how hard it is to use a 4 point fastening for greater security which is what I typically do with T-Screws.

Have you developed any sort of marker to make locating the screws on the wall easier?
Frank: - you have a very good memory - Linda at Art & Frame Supply did work with us for a while, but I think she has now retired. But, it is encouraging that you liked using them. They won't replace T-screws - they will be an extra option in your toolbox when hanging pictures.
We are sending out the samples in the next few weeks - as I write we've had 26 requests, so we welcome more.
We'll look at the marker idea, but you will see that there are now several ways you can use them - just pick the one that works best on a particular installation.
We'll take another look at Wall Buddies at Atlanta. Problem in Europe is that we don't get too many earthquakes, and framers here just don't like spending money on frame hangers ! It's a cultural thing.
Quote from Martin/Lion:

We'll take another look at Wall Buddies at Atlanta. Problem in Europe is that we don't get too many earthquakes, and framers here just don't like spending money on frame hangers ! It's a cultural thing.

That is a very good point to consider, Martin, but the WallBuddies have another very handy attribute in that, once they are leveled on the wall, you never have to worry about adjusting them again. Here we use alot of sheetrock and wood construction in our housing and the walls have a tendency to vibrate whenever a door is slammed or someone bumps against the wall. This displaces the framed art and throws it off level many times and it becomes a pain to have to level them on a weekly basis. With the 2 point hanging system of WB, once they are leveled, there isn't any chance of them ever leaving the plumb position.

I use them as my default hanging system now and only use framing wire on request from the customer. Costwise, they are about $2.00 more than the cost of conventional wire (you can't buy a cold beer for that little in this country!) and do the job so much better in the long run that most of my customers rave about them. I have given them to a few doubtful customers to try and all of them have come back for more or have had them installed on subsequent frame jobs in my shop.