How often do you change your window display(s)?

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April '05 Grumble Survey & Discussion
-How often do you change your window display(s)?
-How often do you re-arrange your gallery/showroom layout?
-How often do you re-arrange/sort your Wall samples?

Your input and discussion are greatly appreciated!

RESULTS from previous surveys: www.custompictureframing.com/poll_results.htm


Note: your poll answers are confidential. (discussion is public) This is strictly for fun, entertainment, comparison, and discussion. The results shouldn't be used as a primary business planning tool.
question 3............change corner samples

as they are discontinued and as I feel that they need to be pulled as people do not look at them.
I am still developing a showroom look. 5 months now. It is coming together.
I work on it at night so that it does not get in the way of 'daily business'.
Question 1: Depends on Season, Holiday and or special event.
Question 2: see answer question 1
As some of the others have already stated, "other" is on an as needed basis which generally averages to about quarterly, but could be longer or shorter at times.
Other: Change with the weather in South Dakota, which might be daily by the temperature or several years with a drought. Sometimes one small change will awake a customer or two and the large changes often go unnoticed. Change is good.
My changing is on a continual glacial basis. The store is in constant upheaval because I'm busy now and change happens as I grab a few minutes here or there.

When I opened this location a little over a year ago everything was clean, neat and orderly. A customer walked in the other day and I started to apologize for the chaos of my front room. She stopped me and said "You're finally looking like a frame shop! I was worried about whether you'd make it here the last time I was in becuase everything looked too neat and I was afraid you had no business."

I guess if it slows up again I should throw some scraps of mat board on the floor and leave mldg samples everywhere!

Perception is everything.

Dave Makielski
We're down to the last day. If you haven't shared your opinion, please do.

It's also not too late to discuss these great topics, right in this thread.

What do YOU display in your windows this season?

Why do you do a wall/moulding re-sort and HOW do you arrange them? (color, style, by manufacturer, etc)

Do you leave prices and/or item #s on the back of the mouldings?

Discussion and participation welcomed.


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