Spring cleaning and reorganizing!

Barb Pelton

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Apr 14, 2002
The Show Me State
Lots of things have stacked up that need to be done--like looking through new corner samples, sorting out old ones, cleaning out the flat file drawers, etc.

This week, we couldn't find a customers item and I remembered putting it in a clear sleeve and placing it in the drawer. We did find it, but only after I took out everything out of almost every single drawer and taking the drawers out. :rolleyes: Yep, it had gotten the back and had fallen into the dead space under the drawers.

Many things I took out of the drawers were things that have been dropped off by customers at one time or the other and for various reasons are all on a "hold" list.

I'm seriously contemplating another set of flat files for things on "hold". That way, our drawers aren't overloaded. (Now--just gotta figure out where I'm going to put it.) Anyway, now that the idea popped into my head, it seems remarkable that I hadn't figured this out before.

I've also realized that I'm really short on pickup space for oversized items, so I'm going to have to build another cabinet to accomidate more large items.

Now, I have to figure out a better way to keep all of those fliers for various publishers, like Hadley House, Greenwich, etc....I haven't hit on the best idea yet. Anyone out there with a good system to share?

What other good solutions to organizational problems have you guys hit upon?

I'm also not satified with how our bags, tissues, etc are all organized. The table with all that gift wrapping stuff is behind the fitting table and it is a constant catch all for fitting tools, etc. I'd rather not have this stuff up front...