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Oct 31, 1999
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Unfortunatly I do not have Excell, however I am unsure whether it would help with the dilema I have created...
Using the Works Spreadsheet I am unable to turn a column of numbers into a colunm of "text", all I need to do is have it recognized as text so as I can create a formula to put more text characters in front of the number (importing vendors price lists to the POS, however many of them have the same codes and I need to separate them).
To explain further... an entry needs a delimiter (") at the front of it to make the software recognize it as text so I can use the formula "=MPML&B2", with B2 (e.g 100022) being a number the result is "ERR", if B2 is recognized as text the result is MPML100022, just what I want!
Any ideas would be appreciatted as I have thousands of lines to do...
With Quattro Pro here's what works:

If text is in B1 and number is in B2,

Use the formula: +B1&@STRING(B2,0)
Convert to Value

Thank-you David, a small variation on that works perfectly!