Spreadsheet program won't print right


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Aug 28, 2002
eastern pa
I have Microsoft Works Suite 2002 (came with the computer), and I have been trying to use the Spreadsheet 6.0 program to print out my pricing chart. The problem is (and the program used to work good, as far as I remember), when I go to print it out horizontally (landscape), I get an error message that says 'Out of Memory. Save or close any open files or applications'. I don't have anything else open, and when I click OK, it still prints it, just not landscape, it'll print it portrait! I don't get it. I even uninstalled the program and reinstalled it, and it still does the same thing! Any ideas?
It might be a flaw in the printer driver. I suggest checking the printer company's website, and installing the most current version for your printer - just in case.

Also check to see what the 'print area' is, if one can be defined. Perhaps it is trying to print a much larger block/range than required.

A last option would be to import the data into another program (Excel, Word, etc) and print it there.

I hope this is helpful
Also, if this "used" to work, check to see what programs might be running and eating up memory. You could have some spyware or background process that you unknowingly installed that is being a bit of a hog.
Try this . . .

Highlight the portions or cells of the spreadsheet you want to print. On the Format Menu click Set Print Area. Then try to print. It's like you're telling it to print a selection in other programs. Good luck. Be careful not to press any keys while the info. is highlighted! It could all go 'poof'. Then, go to Edit ... Undo ASAP.
OK, I ran the adaware program, and I checked the printers driver, all is well. And I specified the print area... still no dice. I imported the file into word, and that will print it landscape for me, but is there a way to get Word to print the gridlines on the spreadsheet? It'll print all of the text, and the gridlines show up on the screen, but I can't figure out how to get them to print. Thanks for all of the help.

In word:

Assuming it is a table...
-Highlight the table
-Right click on the table and pick TABLE PROPERTIES
-Click on the BORDERS AND SHADING button
-Select ALL
-You can choose the line type, thickness, color, etc
-OK to save changes