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Feb 13, 2003
Ontario, Canada
A customer asked this question today. The only thing I can think of is a laquor spray. Maybe someone else has another idea.

Customers Question: " I wondered if you carry the spray on finish, which is used instead of glass to cover prints.

I really don't know the name of it, but I really like the look. From the side it almost looks "pebble-like"."

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks - Todd
McDonalds makes a laquer spray called ProTexture (or some such). It is really good at disguising flaws (like bumps or wrinkles) in a print surface - and I have even used it sucessfully on frames surfaces which need a little extra something to disguise dings.

It is a spray designed for the photo retouching industry (before PhotoShop) and it does give a lovely texture.

I think I bougt my last can at a photo supply shop - but I have no idea whether it is still available.
1) This is an aerosol that will kill brain cells just as effectively as 77 spray mount. Also, it will stink up your shop for days, even if you use it in a separate room.

2) It does offer a certain amount of protection, but is not to be compared with glazing, such as glass or acrylic. You can still scratch the print or dent it and, if you happen to get a stray dog hair or dust bunny on the print when you spray it, it will be nearly impossible to remove without leaving evidence.

3) Claims of UV protection for some of these sprays are almost certainly exaggerated.

I have used some McDonald's spray when I had a glossy print and really wanted something else, but I would rarely, if ever, consider it a substitute for glass.

And, yes, I know photographers do that all the time.
I agree with Ron - the stuff is really stink-a-roonie!

As to the degree of protection offered, I usually use the texture coat as a topper - over several good coats of a regular laquer spray, or in the case of using on a frame, over a nice acrylic paint or gesso. I did one antique frame with black gesso and the texture spray on top and it turned out terrific!

Use with adequate ventilation, as they always say on the can!
Thanks for your help. I think I will take the smart road out and tell her we don't do it and suggest some glazing alternatives. I know a local photoshop that use to do the laqour spray but due to health issue will not offer it anymore.

Thanks again.

There was a similar discussion recently about Modge Podge. The discussion also mentioned Z-Gel. Do a search on Modge Podge and you could find an alternative to the laquer spray.

Just a thought!