Spotten' the real thing?

Jay H

PFG, Picture Framing God
Dec 8, 2003
I have a Gone With The Wind movie poster. This one in particular is either real or really old looking. How do I tell? I guess I could post a picture if that would help. Ideas?

Carry on!
Look down in the lower corners. If it says, "Portal Publications," it's a reproduction, and a cheap one at that.

I ordered one a long time ago. They sent ten. I still have nine if you need any more. (They've been in storage for 15-20 years, so they look old.)
An original should be a stone litho

You can look at how it is printed (with a jewlers loop or a magnifiying glass).

Tiny dots will be the giveaway (printing press).

If not dot's, it still may not be real, but there's a much better chance it is.

The character of the paper is also a concern.

Is it very thin. If not linen mounted, looking at the back will show the age and color lines.

Also, on the back there should be some purple or black hand stamp marks along a fold line.

However any of this, can be faked. Vintage paper is avail, and stamps can be stamped.
The fact that I couldn't find any info about the printing is what really stood out to me.

The paper was thinner than typical posters.

The dots are huge and its very grany. The offset is sloppy and crooked.

But apon closer look at the dots I can see a fold and some wrinkles copied from the origional.

I'm 95% sure this is a copy.


Carry on!

I'll throw in the other 5% for ya!! That poster is as phony as a 6 legged clam!!

The pattern of dots you saw came from an offset photo litho press and isn't anywhere near what you should have seen on that poster. There should be no dots, just even ink throughout the colored areas and maybe some paper grain showing if you are using something more powerful than a 10X loupe.

I bought a 30X viewer from Radio Shack years ago that really shows the difference in printing and paper quality. It was well worth whatever I paid for it.