Sports Jerseys question


Grumbler in Training
Nov 4, 2004
Spokane, WA
I've never really heard a "definitive" answer on this: When framing sports jerseys (or any clothing article for that matter), what effect, if any, happens if ANY part of the article touches the glazing in the finished package? Since most sports clothing is a synthetic versus a cotton article of clothing - does that change the rules? Anyone? Beuller? Beuller?
It is obvious that it is better that no part of the garment touch the glazing. Personally, I can live with a little fold just kissing the glass, but no way can there be 'press marks' where the glass looks like it took the top off the mountains, leaving only the deep valleys still untuouched. Is my metaphor clear?
I try to sell a deep enough moulding so it doesn't happen. Any Jerseys we do rarely have less than a inch in depth for these, and as such, pinning should prevent them touching the glass. If the customer is on a tight budget (or the other frames don't look good) I will tell them it looks cheap to see some of the jersey pressed flat & others not. I also warn them of potential humidity problems when it touches the glazing. If they are okay with a little bit of that - what else can you do. I simply refuse to do a job that has a good part of the item touching the glazing since I am putting my sticker on the back.
Hope that helps