sports jersey display cases


Grumbler in Training
Nov 22, 2005
I got info last year in Las Vegas about acrylic display cases for jerseys but cannot find it and cannot remember the company name. I need a case with clear acrylic in the back so the jersey can be seen from both sides, and opened, and I need it for Christmas. Help!
LJ has a new one - kind of nice and price is reasonable with a lot less work. Can hang jerseys up inside and take them out if you want. I'll have one to look at tommorow.
elaine, et al--- got one last week & wasnt too enchanted with the product

1) took almost3weeks to deliver
2) there were glue lumps at both top seams--couldnt remove so had to get out the marker & spend alot of time...close quarters
3) they pack the hanger in a small box inside the frame & put a piece of the black mat as cusion, at each end of the box...however, they didnt put the mat face-to-face & i got lots of "scratching" on all 4 sides..had to breakout the hole filler and try to coax it back to acceptibility..took too much time
4) the hanger is really heavy(no real sin there) but is smooth on top allowing the jersey to slip around some & I didnt want to put ATG in there to stabilize it
5) had quite a bit of mat/FC "cutting" between the glass & frame..hard to get toto clean up...wasted alot of time tryingto NOT messup the rabbit lip.
6) the rear mat was damaged on assembly as the flex-points in one corner were not put arpund the mat but in Front of it...had to cut/graft on another mat(theirs is shinny, the one I had was flat)...looked "ok"

Corners were good...better than some on the stuff I have gotten from LJ. Did I make $$ on it, yes. Do I want one again any time soon.... N O ......

And before anyone jumps on me for vendor bashing,etc I tried 2 phone numbers, 2 different fax lines to say all this to LJ......finally got something thru to them & they called back and said they couldnt read it....didnt ask if it was illegible or messedup in that point I figured they'd gotten enough of my time