Splinter Tip


WOW Framer
Jul 24, 2001
Buffalo, New York, USA/Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada
Hey, wasn't there a band called Tip Splinter??? Anyhoo, I got a wicked splinter in my left index finger today whilst refinishing an old frame, and I remembered the Grumble tip to put glue on it. I covered the area with wood glue, let it dry for about a half an hour, peeled off the glue, and OUT CAME THE ENTIRE SPLINTER!!! I was SO EXCITED!!! I have a history of failed attempts at splinter removal and subsequent infections, so this tip is a real blessing to me!!!

I think the hardest part was waiting for the glue to dry and trying to continue working at the same time, without smearing the glue. I probably coulda used the hair dryer...

I forgot who came up with the original tip, but THANKS TO YOU!!! And thanks to the GRUMBLE!!! :D

I'll have to remember that one. Are you talking about regular wood glue?

My dad used to remove splinters with his pocket knife. He was, and is, a master woodworker, but a lousy surgeon. As a little shaver, I spent a lot of time hanging around his workshop, so he removed more than a few splinters from my fingers, along with a fair amount of flesh. To this day, if I see a pocket knife similar to the one he carried, it makes me nostalgic and nervous at the same time.

Yeah boy, Ron, I know about that kind of "surgery." And yes, plain old yellow wood glue. Worked like a charm!!!

Now, if someone could come up with an equally effective tip for GLASS splinters. I always keep a small magnet handy in case I get any IRON splinters in my eyes! (This is unlikely to happen, but you can't be TOO prepared!)
When are you cutting iron?
Might not the wood glue work on glass splinters as well? Or would you have to use glass glue? :confused:

As for the iron shavings in the eyes: I was grinding some rust spots of my old van with a Dremel tool (a long time ago) without any safety glasses. Didn't notice anything right away, but by the next day, one eye felt like someone had poured sand on it and rubbed it in. The doctor found one or more tiny steel shavings. I got off with some drops and an eye patch for several days, along with a stern warning.

Today I have several pairs of safety glasses and sometimes I even wear them.