Splicing Moulding for 143"

We have made really long pieces with just glue by cutting the joint at about 20 degrees. This not only makes a really long surface area for more holding power, but it's almost an edge-glue situation, which is stonger than the wood itself. Once glued and set, we have machined it just like any piece of wood - plane, route, sand, etc.
David is right, with a scarf joint the shallower the angle the better - gets you closer to an strong edge join as opposed to a weak butt join. The problem with bamboo patterned molding is you not only have to make a 20 degree cut but pattern match as well. If you can fit in an inner structural strainer then your scarf joint can be primarily decorative. Good luck.

Peter Bowe
Saline Picture Frame Co.
I'll be following this thread with interest because a customer just approached me with the possibility of framing a 12' x 8' sail.

I haven't looked too closely into the question because I'm secretly hoping she changes her mind. I'm afraid the project would fall into the more-trouble-than-it's-worth category.

Gene, what's going into that looooong frame?

Kit, you can always have one of the custom manufacturers do a welded metal frame that size. One question though. How tall are your doors? And theirs? :D
As a length buyer, I've received many sticks to about 14' from Studio, you might get some selection there if you can get them to send you a list on mouldings that are extra long.

Good Luck,
My door is no problem, I could take it out through the roll-up.

Their door? Hmmm.

How much extra do you charge if you have to build a frame on site?