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Terry Hart cpf

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Sep 23, 2003
Excelsior, MN
Is there any problems with the adhesives on these boards transfering in the press from the board to the relesae paper then back down to the next item you put in the press?
With some of the single-step boards, this has been a HUGE problem. They would make such a mess of the release paper/board that I would put a piece of kraft paper in-between - which defeats the purpose of the release paper.

I haven't had that problem with Bienfang Single-Step or Bainbridge Speedmount.
I got a piece of the Artcare Recover (awkward name?) and mounted a little diploma with it. It seemed to work well and with no adhesive transfer but I'm still a little leary. Time will tell I guess. I'm still trying to decide what to charge. The board is more expensive than reg. foamboard but no tissue cost or labor. If I have to change release paper every time thats an issue of course but the first trial looks encouraging. I've never used the other onesteps, I worried about adhesive transfer and I always did fine with tissue anyway and of course I use several different types asit is for different applications. Why stock another type of board? But this stuff sounds like just the thing for tose times a customer insists on dry mounting something that might not be the best idea to. Diplomas and signed posters come to mind. Hope it turns out to be as good as it seems.
Terry, those boards can be a very big time-saver.

I'll usually run my hand across the release board and, if I feel anything sticking to it, I'll remove the board and give it a little attention. It doesn't take much to clean it up.

With the brand-X board that made the mess, the release board couldn't be cleaned with Unseal.