SpeedMat - the most frustrating mat cutter ever!


True Grumbler
Apr 25, 2006
We have recently bought a SpeedMat Cutter and it has been nothing but problems for us. Every time I cut a mat I have to go over the whole pneumatic head and re-adjust all the settings. The different types of cuts are not consistent with the rulers and I find myself having to remember to adjust the measurements an 1/8 of an inch from where they should be when changing from regular bevels to reverse bevels (among other things.) I am not slow with machinery and I have taught myself all of the equipment we have purchased for this business but I find myself very frustrated with this mat cutter.

Has anyone else invested in this equipment and found it as frustrating as myself? Do you have any tips for me?

j Paul

PFG, Picture Framing God
Feb 23, 2004
Scurran, welcome to The Grumble and guess you took the name literal with your first post and all. Sorry you are having so many problems. I had bought a used Speedmat manual cutter when I first started and found the Easterly company to be very helpful when I called for help on this used machine that I had not even purchased from them. Have you contacted them direct and asked for help and advice. I know I can get very frustrated when I am working on a new computer program but more often than not the problem is me as the operator not the machine. Maybe, hoping there is an easy fix if you talk to them. Finding someone else to comesorate with might make you feel better in the short term what you really need is practical advice.