Speck Retriever

Greg Fremstad

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Sep 4, 2002
Eugene OR
A new use for EconoSpace 062, the 1/16th inch thick pressure sensitive adhesive type spacer from FrameTek. Credit to Ray Dwyer of West Art in Sagle ID - Ray uses an 18 inch long piece of EconoSpace 062 with about 1/4 inch of the release paper peeled back from the end to catch stray bits of dust when fitting his frames. Verrrrry clever Ray.
I use a spacer too, 1/4"x12" piece with a bit of masking tape wound around the end, sticky side out. Works great. Even better, when the end of the masking tape gets to full of gunk to pick up anything else, can just peel back a bit of the masking tape and expose some new sticky tape. Works awesome!
I cut off the mylar from the long lineco edgestrips, about 3/8"w x 12" long, with a small piece of 810 or 811 tape at the end. The mylar is nice and thin and slips nicely between the mat and glass and grabs those stray boogers quite easily.

we use a feather - purchased from a craft store

works great with minimal lift of glass, etc.