Speck grabber???? WHAT????


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Aug 28, 2002
eastern pa
Has anyone seen the ad for Kinetronics (I think) Speck Grabber? It looks like a stick with some glue on the end, but it claims that you can get a speck of dirt out of the frame package, WITHOUT taking the framing apart. How is that possible... some sort of hocus pocus? Please tell me someone has one of these and can explain how it works.
Yes, it is a long stick with a very small piece of oblong feels like rubber but is not and is so small I would have to get some special instrument to measure it. But boy does it stick! I use it when I only open part of the frame and lift the glass and stick the "magic stick" in and viola, it picks up whatever it touches. Is it worth it, I think so, but it is another gadget and since I am the gadget queen I like it!

Baer, are we playing "stump Lynn, again" you devil you!

Have not heard of either one and which Frank do you mean, Larson or someone else.

Nice to see you last week, have a great turkey day...

The speck grabber sounds simalar to a tool you can make yourself. Take a piece of Econospace and tear the release-paper off of the very end. Alternatly, you can attach a little bit of white eraser to the end, or for getting a spot off the glass: put a cut-in-half q-tip on the end of a spacer and put a drop or two of unseal on it.