SpecialtySoft & Wizard interface

Chuck T

True Grumbler
Aug 15, 2003
Jackson, Michigan
Hi, We are about to aquire a Wizard CMC and wondered if any of you use a Wizard with SpecialtySoft POS and how does it interface? We use Specialty Soft and wondered if there are any gliches with it. Is it complicated to interface, easy, errors, drawbacks, etc. Thanks, Chuck T.
Hi Chuck,

Hopefully someone with SS POS will jump in with the details. Until then, I'll share how it is done with the POS we use (LSS). I bet it's a very similar or identical process.

As part of our daily closing, the pos generates individual files with cutting instructions for each new order. (in our case, named with the ticket # 6452.wz2, 6453.wz2, etc). They're stored on a network drive which is common to the POS and Wizard systems.

From there we just open them up from the wizard machine, when ready to cut, and it knows the dimensions etc.

I'd be willing to guess both systems work the same way, but hopefully someone who has done this with Specialty will chime in.

Are there any Specialtysoft/Wizard users out there who can answer this one for Chuck?
I'm in the process, if I run into glitches I'll post. Wizard and SS both have good support so I'm planning on them to work out any problems.