Speaking of testing drymount methods


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Jun 13, 2002
Fingerlakes Region of NYS
This is a really wierd one...

Have an b/w photo that was probably "mounted" about 30 years ago, if customer's memory serves them right!

I have removed old photos before... and this "appeared to be drymounted" as you could see the edge of the old tissue that was a little larger than the photo itself. But a corner had already lifted and it felt more like an old "rubber cement" mounting job.

Hmmm... maybe it's both?!? Anyway, I put it on a very low temp in the heat press and voila - it removed very easily - much easier than I expected - but as it was being peeled off... a strange thing was happening... the "adhesive" was turning into a feathery/cob webby thingy.

Anyone ever experience this?

BTW - the photo is just fine.

That was probably Fotoflat from Seal back in the 60-70's It worked OK but reversed itself with heat. Like when hung over a fireplace or heat register.

If I remember right, it can be disolved with acetone.
Sounds like the old wax based ones. Much easier to remove than the modern ones. The feathery string thing is the tip off. Soluble in n-heptane (unseal, undo..)

Sorry, yes, I'm sure Bill and Gregg are right. I focused on the "feathers" part of the description which reminded me of the adhesive "strings" one gets when removing the waxy drymount papers with heat.

The "feathers" are so light and fluffy - they disinegrate... so thank you all for your insight!