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Jan 7, 2005
How many of you Grumblers use the free version of EzFramer? I finally downloaded and activated it. Haven't done anything else except look around in there. Is it difficult to set up? I mean, I have over 1000 moulding samples...I don't relish the idea of having to put them all in. Matboards are simple...Crescent equals Crescent no matter who you are, but moulding is a different monster. Anyone have any pointers for me? Any and all comments welcome.

I recently downloaded and have started to work with it a little. I want to achieve the same relative pricing as I currently have using an extensive set of spreadsheets. So far it's prety good at achieving like results. If all goes well, I will start using it full time


You download them from exFramer for the Vendor(s) you want. You don't have to download Vendors that you don't use. It's not obvious, but look on the 'Help' menu under 'Download Vendor Updates'. The program as installed only includes data from a couple of vendors. I downloaded price data from Decor, LJ, United and others. Decor and LJ just had 5/15 price increases and the data downloaded reflected the price increases.

I haven't taken it beyond doing comparisons to my present pricing methods but so far it looks pretty good.
I don't think I can download them on the free version. It asks for a password, so I am thinking this is only available for the ezframer upgraded editons. (Gee, I am soo slow)
Anyway, just checked the website & none of my vendors are on their list....except for LJ. So...maybe I could enter a few of the more popular ones and go from there.
I believe EZ Framer sells the pricing updates that go along with the free version for $160/year, which also includes email support and upgrades.

Free is always nice, but software that manages your income and ordering can have a very serious impact on the operation. Such software can "make or break" your success and be a factor that either saves time or creates more work.

I also suggest checking out their full featured version, as well as the others on the list in my tagline below. Most companies, including EZ Framer, have a full featured version available for evaluation. (instant download or cd by mail)

Most POS systems have features such as instant pricing and price comparisons with various components, auto due date scheduling/calendar based on workload, support for multiple mats and multiple mouldings, automatic price and product updates as soon as they become available, customer database and mailing list management, accounts receivable, the ability to "network" additional terminals as your shop grows, ability to export jobs to the CMC, client receipts and corporate billing, sales tax, exempt, and income tracking, "workorders" (detailed instructions for the back room), "pick" or "shopping" lists which give you a detailed list of what needs to be ordered, time clock for staff, reports such as top 10 sellers, automatic ordering via internet, cash drawer support, barcode reader support, receipt printer support, visualization support, emails to customer on order completion, inventory , misc (non framing) sales, consignment tracking, art sales inventory, commission tracking, multi store support, automatic backups, support for most vendors, credit card processing, touch screen support, multi language support, voice support, MAC support, etc

Does any ONE program have ALL of those features? NO
Will you use ALL of those features? NO, but most of them!

I'm a big fan of POS systems, CMCs and automation. It's very positive that you're jumping in to get your feet wet. Keep in mind that an automated system requires the same supervision and management as a manual system. (ie: Setting items to market value, not necessarily always a formula)

My advice is to grab those free demos and test drive them all to see what "feels right" for your workflow and situation. While free is nice, the investment is minimal for even the best ones. Most grumblers are using FrameReady, SpecialtySoft, or LifeSaver(our sponsor). All three of these products are highly recommended, and i suggest checking the full version of EZ Framer too.

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I use it and have incorporated all my own pricing structure. For the most part, I love it. I do occasionally have the problem of that little "pop up of death" (oh, what's it called? Illegal, immoral, terminal - something equally scarey) popping up and then the whole thing closes down. And of course this happens after I've entered in the whole order..

But other than that, I love how it works. I do (probably) use it differently than most folks however. I still take orders by hand, but then enter everything and print out invoices for the customers to keep. I created a paper version of the pricelist from the software.

I will eventually add a computer to the design table and do it all in one step - but just not yet.

Whatever version I've got, I pay a monthly charge and get all the updates. It has worked very well for me in my situation.

For what it's worth...
Thanks for all the advice and input. I have no employees. I am the framer; my hubby is photographer. I really would like to have something like this so I can price orders in a more timely way. It may help hubby with this when I am not in the store. I don't have a CMC. I have a supplier that will cut all of my out of the ordinary mats until I can afford a CMC. My volume of work is so minimal that all of the bells & whistles aren't necessary yet. I sort of have the notion that if I am pricing out an order through a POS system that customers may feel more comfortable with the total price. Those are really the two reasons I want to try this.
There is also an area for "other" items. You might be able to set it up for the photography items, too.

Great idea Betty! Thanks! I will try it out.
I've used EZFramer for many months, and after the learning curve....IT'S GREAT!!. There are no limits to what you can do with it. I love it.