Spam....from myself


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Nov 5, 1997
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I've decided to be agressive and start blocking sender. In OE if you go to message, block send, as you do this it shows the e-mail of the actual sender, NOT. My own e-mail came up, did a test and it blocked my e-mail from me.

Just wanted you all to know I am not sending out spam of any kind. Will this ever end? How do they do it? I don't get a lot but enough to become annoying. I run spybot and adaware...maybe they are the culprits.
If your email address is posted anywhere on the web (like your web page, or a forum such as this), you'll be harvested within days and receive dozens of spams/day.

It doesn't mean you are the source. Spammers will "spoof" the FROM field to anyone but themselves. You can look into the "headers" inside one of the emails, to see the true source. Often you can determine the city and state of origin, the operating system, and even the person's computer name.

It's also possible that someone you've emailed (who has you in their CONTACTS LIST) has been infected, which can have the same result.

I have received them from "myself" many times, which was a result of someone harvesting an old email address from a web feedback form on our web page. I have since changed the feedback form so the address is no longer stored in the HTML.

Spybot S&D and Ad-Aware are safe.

It didn't show up in the from field or the subject when it came in. When I do the block sender it brings up the address. I guess I should have looked further before deleting it, but I didn't want to give anyone more encouragement.

Most of the blocked addresses look a lot like jiberish and in 4 days I've not had a repeat although the subjects are repeated.

My ISP picks up the possible virus senders. Thanks Mike.