Source for Showguard


True Grumbler
Feb 21, 2006
Does anyone have a good reliable source for Showguard stamp sleeves? Specifically Duck stamps. I see several sites on the net but I'm hesitant without a reference.
Thanks so much!

Almost any small <strike>newmatistic</strike> <strike>neumaticistic</strike> coin and stamp collecting store will carry them. They come in a large variety of sizes – completely clear and those with a black backing.

Check locally so you can see exactly what you’re getting. They are generally cheap enough so you won't hardly notice the cost savings by buying on-line.
Thanks Bill. We might have to start a thread to see if anyone knows how to spell (nuemismatic)

One of the few drawbacks of a small town is we don't have a store here that deals in stamps. That's why I was searching for another source.
I'll keep looking. Thanks again.
It’s hard to find with a Google search since they spell it so strangely, but it is ShowGard. Here is a link. I’ve never ordered from them directly so I can't vouch for the service or their prices.
I'll give them a try and report back to the Grumble. Thank you Bill.