Source for Floater Frames?


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I need a floater frame, 2" deep, black inside, mahogany outside. Omega has one in the colors, but depth is only 1-1/4". I've checked Decor, Larson, and Studio. Anyone know of another vendor to try?
Vermont Hardwoods has a 2" Mahogany floater which you could paint on the inside. Seems a shame though.
I have an artist I do framing for who has very specific needs in her floater framing. But since she has given me thousands in business I do it for her. She wants it painted two tone, adn specific heights and widths. I ended up starting by purchasing a cap profile from Vt Hardwoods from their seconds. Painting it , cutting and joining it upside down then using the appropriate spacers to support the work. Most recently I hired my father to make what we need without my having to use a spacer and then painting it. Much easier this way. I did get very good results the other way and product is very reasonable. I use their seconds 1 because it is getting painted and 2 I love their regular product too much to paint it. They are without a doubt one of my favorite com panys to deal with and their product is scrumptious.

Also Nurre has a lot of floaters as well
here here on vermont hardwoods!

beatiful product, nice people... if only it didn't take so long to get it their moulding shipped here to california.
Cathie, just echoing what Steph said. Any deep cap in mahogany would work. Picture Woods has one that goes to 1 3/4" (the 601) and you could also check Xylo. Maybe they could send you some 3" chips.
I'll check out Nurre and Vt., but have a question. I don't want to finish the "top" of the floater, and wouldn't I have to if using a flipped cap?

Seems like it to me. If you flipped over a cap moulding to use it as a float frame, the back of the cap would then be the top of the float frame, eh?? There aren't many mfgr's that finish the back side of their mouldings that I have bought so far.

You may have no choice if you go that direction.

Originally posted by MerpsMom:
I don't want to finish the "top" of the floater, and wouldn't I have to if using a flipped cap?
If you order it "upside down" we'll make sure the bottom is good and finish it as if it's the face. There is a small additional charge.
See I told you they were good!
Cathie, sometimes 'finishing' it is as easy as fast swipe with sandpaper, swish with watered down acrylic paint and a top coat of paste wax. Or if you're lucky, sand, then apply tung oil with a rag.

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nurre has many. check'em out. Good luck if they're in stock. Most of their Palladio line isn't. Trust me, I know on this one
I feel your pain Mike, thats one of my more popular sellers....I'm still waiting

I haven't had too many oos from anyone I use until after Xmas..I think they are all trying to restock
David look at post about 7 up from this one.
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