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Bob Carter

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Jun 16, 2000
Family member passed recently and they want me to frame up 5 shadowboxes with his USN memorabilia. The thing i can't find is the thin shoulder patch with ship's name; the oher thing is the cloth rank insignia
my medals/awards gave me a referral to Saunders but no one is returning calls nor emails
anybody wth a lead
Sorry for your loss, Bob.

Would this site have what you need? They provide for all branches.

Some other possible sources:

The ship's name patches are called 'rocker patches' - you may be able to find the exact vintage patch on eBay.
i've contacted several with no responses yet
i'll share my best source of ribbons/medals as
always in-person help
cute story
lady brings in bx of WWII medals and memorabilia from recently passed husband. She was most proud of letter from Secty of Navy sent to his parents for his service. Further in the box was a Navy Cross and a hand written letter from Bull Halsey to this LCpl on his bravery at Guadalcanal earning the Navy Cross. She had no idea
She wanted two shadowboxes for her boys but only had one of each item. Piecesofhistory told me they couldn't get the Navy Cross nor CMOH OR DSC, but everything was available. We contacted Sen McCain's office and got the second medal pretty quickly
I told her of everything in box, the most impressive was the handwritten letter from ADM Halsey
She had no idea
Note to Framers
We sold a lot of jerseys, sports shadowboxes, military boxes, wedding framing etc because we showed lots of framed displays of what we referred to as 'I didn't know you framed that' items. Too often, we saw shops with over the top, 'fancy pants' framing. we tried to show samples that created some type of 'call to action'. Try it
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One of our customers is Full Medal Jacket. They specialize in making shadowboxes for retired/deceased military. They may have a source. I will DM you an email address.
thanks, David
will call them and mention you