Sorting Customer List on Lifesaver


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jun 13, 2002
Fingerlakes Region of NYS
I am trying to come up with the best solution to sort my Lifesaver Customer list.

I want to hit all the new customers from 2004 to present followed by existing customers from a certain date that are continuing customers without any duplication or having to check "by hand".

Any suggestions on how you handle this. Do you export and use another program?

I just need labels once it is to my satisfaction.

Did I say "I love databases"!?

Hi Roz!

I'll take a shot at answering this one, because it's something we do here.

First thing you'll want to do is to purify your database to make sure no customers were mistakenly entered twice:
Customers -> File -> Check for duplicates. Confirm with YES when prompted.
It looks at things such as duplicate phone #s, etc. If it finds any, you'll get a report with the details and can go in and clean them up.

If you find dupes and want to MERGE their orders into a single account:
Customers -> MERGE (and see screen for FROM and TO boxes)

To establish a temporary "Filter" for all customers who have been in from 1/1/2004 - present:
Customers -> Filter -> Include -> select LAST PURCHASE -> FROM box: 1/1/2004 -> TO box: 1/25/2005 -> OK

To print these filtered records to labels:
Customers -> Labels -> OK

Or, if you prefer to export them to a file for use in an external program:
Customers -> Export -> click the fields you wish -> OK -> specify the output filename
Load it up in your Word, Excel, Access, etc and go to it

After you're all done, be sure to remove the FILTER you previously established:
Customers -> Filter -> RESET

I hope this is useful.