someone answer please if you can.


CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Dec 15, 2004
Anyone know of a laminate that when used will not tint green? Most appreciative of any help......
I'm confused.
That's okay.
It happens a lot.
I'm used to it.

I never noticed a green tint in any of the laminates I used - PrintGuard, mostly in the linen and canvas textures.

Or are we discussing some other animal?

Treeves - by any chance are you laminating digital photos that are printed by computer?

If so - it's likely the heat in your press that is making the print green - NOT your laminate.

We've noticed this happening and when we asked our Drytac rep about it they said that is a common problem with the papers and inks being used today.

IF this is your problem you might want to look into a cold press.
I have been laminating some Tk prints for some folks and they have commented and it certainly looks like the images have been slightly distorted to extent it is noticeable, with a green like tint.

I am using Print Guard canvas UV.

The product works great except for the slight green tint that darkens and takes away some of the vibrant coloration.....thanks for the comments, and maybe me and some of my customers are just to picky.
FramerDave, recommending opaque lamination is a great idea! ROTFLMAO

Treeves, does the customer complain immediately, or later, after they notice color changes that might come from fading?

Like the others, I have never seen lamination film give a green tint.