so... what's your style??

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Mar 4, 2005
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On framing your own things...
I've come to the realization that a lot of the recently framed items in my house has a chunky flare . The chunky look is something I rarely get to do with customers projects but I absolutely love it for home... As framers we get to make it custom to what we like too... right?

I love that new metro line from larson!!! I framed my husbands college degree in it.... nice and chunky! We like it, even if it is over kill for some people :D

Here's a bit of the metro frames incase you don't know what I'm talking about:

This has an added gold frame on the inside (this is what's on my hubby's degree)

Here is another chunky metro in our house that I love!!:
Noooooo, I don't get to many objects about my framing, Angie. Usually I get compliments. :D

that's a kinda regular frame over the mantle....
Flat black OEM metal on everything. With white* rag mats.

Keeps the design time to a minimum and greatly simplifies my inventory.

I guess I could post a photo, but I'm pretty sure most of you know what it look like.

* That was scary. I momentarily forgot how to spell white. I knew "wight" didn't look rhite.
I tend to go rich but not frilly.

Textured mat, fillet and frame. Sometimes, a plain black wood molding, narrow and deep, with a colored fillet inside the frame, then a matching fillet inside the mat.

Sorry, no pictures right now, my camera is in the shop. (aaaaugh!)
Not sure what you call this but chunky might work. (could be worse names)
Personaly, I go for the plastic peacock feather frames from the Christmas Tree Shoppe.

You have made me realize that I really don't have a style. Well actually I guess I do since now, ECLECTIC is a style.
Yeah, that's what I was talking about. Love the use of different opening styles for the top and bottom mat. Great look!

Not really a chunky lover eh?
Terry, I love your bottom image. That is a good example of a great chunky style, Roma has the Gianni series that reminds me of. I bet you finished the frame yourself......

Why is this subject in warped?
I dunno. Maybe framers are maverics uninterested in labels. Maybe Angie can explain it better, she's the psycololadidartist. I did finish the bottom one. The top one is better in person. For some reason in the picture the artwork is too dark and the frame too light. I've been working with this artist for a while doing variations of stepped frames using 1xwhatevers. Cutting in steps on a table saw and staking them, smaller steps with a router, or sometimes alittle ogee or cove. I give him my ideas on how to finish them then he usually finishes them himself. The artwork is actually on plywood. Its incised and cut out. The figure stands out from the backround, its hard to see the depth in the picture. There is no paint on it. What you see is layers of burning and resin. It looks like ceramic. When he asked me what he should do with the frame I said "Burn it of course" and he did. His name is Steve Olson and you can see his work at if you like.
You know how mechanics drive the worst cars? Well my house has the absolute worse framing in the world. As a matter of fact I framed very few pieces here. It's embarrassing. I would tell you more, but you would insist that I was kidding.
Terry, on the (as Kathy so crassly called it) "bottom image" (TMI)... is that cassiened wax for the thick finish?
Looks like I hurt your feelings there Baer. Sorry, I just think it is crass to talk about somebodies daughters like that, whether they are eight or eighteen.
Wow! look at all your lovely styles! I also like to use fillets (too much maybe) and double mats in the same color (like baers example)

Originally posted by Emibub:

Why is this subject in warped?
<font size="-1" face="verdana,arial,helv">because I thought it was a warped question!!! geez! didn't think this was serious enough for the grumble
I wasn't criticizing Angie! It is an interesting discussion and believe it or not a good percentage of Grumblers never make it down this far to Warped. So, some people might be missing out on a good framing topic.

When you are ready to post your framing competition consider posting it in the main Grumble so you get the best response. Otherwise, you will just have us weirdos here in warped posting our weird little pictures.....
lol, I was writing the geez with laughter in my fingers Emibub... not scorn, we are two sensitive little grumblers aren't we!!
ooh you just reminded me... I still have to get everything worked out for that competition. I think I will do it tomorrow. I'm just going to do it!
Thick coats of gesso. Lightly sanded just to soften a tad. Alternating coats of casien (rub through the top coat) and shellac. A final coat of clear paste wax and a dusting of rottenstone.
Are you using any oils in your casien to make it move around like that?

You're rubbing out your paste with the rottenstone? or just dusting it off for a rub through?
Sometimes you have to see how a thread evolves before you know where it belongs. I'd like to move this one to the design forum.
So many things in my home need reframing because of the skinny, narrow mouldings used 25-30 years ago (most all family treasures). I am into the chunky vintage look, filets, and fabric mats. I just got samples from Frank's for all the textured papers--can't wait to try some of them out. Loooovvvveee shadowboxes.
Like Sister, I am reframing things I thought looked FABULOUS my first few years of framing.
There are a couple of things I still love, exactly how they were done a decade ago. Others, not so hot.

Since Kit isn't here to rave about every luscious black frame,and I fully intend to stir the pot in her absence, I love black frames. All different kinds, shapes and sizes. I am not ashamed to admit it! ( I can hear the tsk, tsk's of some of you! :D )
That is one thing that hasn't changed over the years. I am still drawn to the black frame samples, just as strongly as I am drawn to the black shoes over brown. Every time.

Don't get me started on shoes, that's a whole 'nother obsession.
that was weird, went in on Warped, and came out on Frame Design....

Must be an Angie thread... :D

Love the towel rack Angie. LOL

Nice bathroom art.
well I was going to cut the towel rack out .... but I left it in there so you could see the green same for the shower curtain.... at least I cut the toilet out of that one!

and yes...... my threads do end up in misterious places don't they... but oh well!
I'm not a G.K. expert, but I swear that mother and child pic looks like it should be hanging so the mom is lying back with the child sleeping on her.

I don't know... a lot of his stuff is up and down like that. I think the title was on the bottom vertical wise... I see what you mean. I think it's just meant to be a birds eye view. Oh well still love it!
But why does the guy have to always break their necks.....

No one bends that way... :D

Jara, I think he ripped off Mary Cassatt's "after the bath"..

My framing style can be summed up in one word: Unpopular.

My house is a shrine to discontinued moulding! I have some of everyone's late great LaMarche fave's all over the joint. I also have a nice selection of Scratch-n-Dents, old and new.

I also collect antique and unusual handmade frames- tramp art, weird amateur offerings, the quirkier, the better.

edie tryingtodothedigitalthangsoon goddess
Sure was nice having a couple days off. Went to a Memorial cerimony in our town, two of my boys played in the marching band. Then had a nice picnic at a local park with all four boys. Played wiffle ball and frisbee. Relaxed and enjoyed and for a change the weather was beautiful. Now its back to the world of broken glass, dented chops and crisis orders. Sheeesh, shoulda stayed at the park. Anyway, to answer Baers' question (I hope). Tere is no oil in the casien but I do mix it myself. Powdered binder and pigment from Kremer. Not exactly sure what you mean by moved around but I do like to work in thin layers with a light coat of shellac between each to keep them seperate. I think it gives the finish some depth. The darker (warm or brown black in this case) color on top is wiped while still wet. This is also 2 or 3 light coats. After the final coat of shellac I apply the wax, let it set for a while till it's not wet then dust with rottenstone. When buffed I think it just softens and unifies the surface a bit.
Thanks Terry.... I reiterate... we could get some serious amounts of non-work done....

But we would have some amazing finishes and/or frames.... :D
I'm in a yummy burl rut.

Stacked Cortona, 8-ply top, 4-ply bottom, fillet, museum glass. Eberhardt etching.

My diploma, turned out obnoxiously large.

A more subdued diploma, beautiful panel and gilded bevel courtesy of Maria Nucci.

My kindergarten class picture. The fillet was about $.49/ft.
This is fun. Sorry if the images are too big and slow to load.

Small collection of coins my grandmother left me.


One of Albrecht Dürer's 3 masterworks: Knight, Death and the Devil, St. Jerome in His Study and Melencholia.

All three in Stradivarius walnut.
So everything else sucks?

Just kidding. Yeah, I had fun with the kindergarten picture. The putty colored mat reminded me of all the dull institutional furniture you always found in schools. You can't see the frame in the picture, but it's a sort of birch thing that matched the wood desks perfectly. Guess which one's me?


This picture was taken in exactly the same spot almost exactly 25 years later.
Very cool stuff, FD... very cool indeed.

I am completely ripping off the ruler as a fillet idea to frame my kids' Kinder pics, which are in the rotation right now. You did expect this kind of flattery, right? ;)

I like the coin collection, too.

Of course the other pieces are well done, but you know we are going to comment on the ones in which we have a personal interest!
I just finished framing a needle point of ducks in flight, in a sepia top mat, and pear green bottom mat and are you ready I painted the bevels baby poop brown well a little more topaz, to match the duck feet color. A lovely LJ frame you swear you entered a time warp well except for those lovely bevels. Perhaps one day I will share my design secrets but this is all I am letting out of the bag today. Wow now that I think of it if I hadn't used rag mats those bevels would just of turned the right color over the years and I wouldn't of had to bother painting em'.!
Dave, how did you make the fillet?
Can you bring a piece to StLou?

I married into a family of School Teachers.....
Great stuff Dave! I especially like the coins. they look like they were emptied out of a pocket and were mounted as they landed.

I did a shadowbox for a woodworker and I cut up some old yardsticks that had his business name printed on them and I mounted them to the front as the face of the frame.

You need to enter these in the contest fer shure.

Were you the kid with the bow tie?
Thanks Em. You can't really tell it from the picture, but the coins are mounted on different levels of glass so they have a cool floating and overlapping effect.

And heavens no I'm not the kid in the bow tie. A bow tie's enough to get a kid beaten up on a regular basis, and Lord knows I had enough working against me as it was.
Love the ruler fillet too. Taking out the metal edge BEFORE chopping. Brilliant! Sign of a true professional. Love the floating coin idea. Somehow I see a tiny Enterprise or X wing fighter in there some where. Do astonauts have pockets with zippers?