small circle / oval cutters


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Dec 1, 2004
New Westminster, B.C. Canada
Does anyone have any experience with these. So far I haven't had much call for ovals but I do have two to do now. I will probably take them into another shop and pay someone to do it for me. I can pass the cost on to the customer.
In particular I am seeing the Logan 201 on Ebay for ~$20 - $25.00US, and occasionally the Fletcher one (same idea). Would I be wasting my money? Like I said, I don't have a lot of call for it, but If I could do it more easily maybe I would offer ovals more.
James, I have the Logan one, but don't use it anymore. You are really limited on size with it, and double mats are very difficult to cut.

I have the Gene Green oval cutter and can do everything I've ever needed. I even devised a football shaped mat that I've used several times.

I'd say, until you think you can market and sell enough oval mats to pay for a good oval cutter, let someone else cut them.

Undoubtly you'll get a lot of responses from folks that "hate" oval mats, but I feel that they have their place, plus you can combine oval/circles with rectangle/square mats to create some really unique cuts.

I had two Logans that I used for many years. I had one for circles and one for ovals. Switching from circle mode to oval mode was a chore, so I had one for each. They could't cut every size, but I it worked for most of what I sold back before the Wizard. There was quite a learning curve, but with a bit of practice, I could cut a perfect mat. I would try to get friendly with a shop with a CMC and let them cut your ovals--less stress.
Take a look at the Alto oval and circle templates that United has. I got them 15 years ago instead of a 1500.00 oval cutter and never looked back. Also got a Logan, later on, and it works great. (never thought to get 2 of them so as not to change, but I will now ! )
Gotta agree with Betty- the Gene Green is a nice tool. Mine is getting pretty long in the tooth now, and I'm thinking of getting a new one if I can find it. If you set them up properly they will give you good results for a not-too-big investment.
:cool: Rick
Yes the Logan or better still the Fletcher would suffice. The Fletcher unit is definitely a step above the Logan. I think you would be better to find a retail or contract framer in your market with a CMC cutter, and cut a deal with them to do your oversize, multiple openings and your circles and ovals, with you providing the board. Lots of framers do this with the shop with the CMC charging a "tolling fee" to design and process the board for you.

You should be able to find someone not too far away that would work with you.