Sleeping with Baer!

j Paul

PFG, Picture Framing God
Feb 23, 2004

I went to bed with Baer, hmph! watching his new fabric wrap DVD. Anyway I was so tired from the show and the red eye flight home that despite the very informative infomation I fell asleep. I woke up startled by Baer doing the "Xenna Battle Cry" in the closing out take. Just a warning for anyone else that might go to bed with Baer.
(ROFL) I just spit coffee ALL over my desk! Now I gotta go find paper towels.... Thanks for the morning "battle cry"!
. . . and it was great finally meeting you too jPaul, as well as your lovely wife.

The good news is: now you can take my class over and over again... just for the out-take...

[and before anyone asks.... no, I have no idea where the two Easter eggs are...those are the post production teams signiture encoding or something, but I'm assured that they are rated "PG" for Pretty Good. One is just an easter egg that cracks open and a bunny emerges....]

I will expect posting of wonderful fabric wraps out of you jPaul... Grumble on.
So, the rest of us poor peons get an opportunity to purchase this fabric wrapping DVD?

Would it require the purchase of a press to obtain similar results?

Inquiring minds...

As we explain at the show, in my classes, and on my DVD, available through Frank's Fabrics, PFM Bookstore, and soon through the PPFA Bookstore for $45+S&H, heat press or vacuum press are not nessisary MOST of the time.

It's always good to have a "Dry" iron [$29.95 for a very good one at Target], for touching up edges, and flats.

A heat/vac press is a wonderful thing... and I've actually worked in a few shops that have had them.... but probably 90% of my 30 years wrapping fabric, is with out a press.

In the shop I'm at now, we have a 50 year old "Frog" mechanical press. I use it about 10% of the time.

The DVD will also be availabe March 19th in Seattle at the Spring Fling. $10 of each sale will go directly to Evergreen Picture Framers Guild, but don't tell them, because they don't know yet. :D