Sistine Chapel - panoramic poster


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Jul 9, 2001
Skaneateles,NY USA
I have had a drymount glitch - lots of air pockets and have tried every trick in the book to get them out - NOT working. I need to find a replacement poster - the customer brought this back from Europe. Not sure if it is a European paper thing, but I seem to have this issue with posters brought back from overseas. Usually the tricks have worked, but not this time.

The poster is approximately 14.5 x 43.375 of the Sistine Chapel Ceiling. I am going to attempt to post an image I found online, but not the complete poster and the not the right size.

Hope you can help, I have done endless searches and have not come up with any more info on the Vatican gift shop or anything else


p.s. I tried to post the image, but it is not working - I must be missing something.
I think the trick to getting those posters mounted flat is you have to cook the h3ll out of them.

Sorry, couldn't resist. :D

Had to get it in before Charles.

Grumble on.
I tried, and it still didn't work!
Elaine-Perhaps if you "googled" by it's formal name you might have better luck.

It's a Michealangelo work titled "Pullium Digitalium" or roughly, Pull my Finger

Okay, couldn't resist

We are having a very large digital image of it printed so that we may install it on our ceiling. We just finished a remodeling project and have a very neat reflected ceiling plan of about 12' x 34'

It's going to look great
Yup, I did all of the above, cooked it weighted it, pricked it, you nam, I did it. My "reversible" adhesive won't release, nor is undu working!

I googled on Sistine Chapel, so I'll try Bob's suggestion now. In all my searching, I did not come up with name.

Bob, can your sourse print me an image???


Elaine-That was humorous-Get it? Pull My Finger?

Actually, I got two digital files: one from B Mcgaw and one (detail) from Image Conscious. And, to keep the Copyright questions from hijacking this, yes, I did get permission.

As to your image, perhaps a local source might do a single print for you. Or perhaps, you could contact Warren Tucker. I am certain he has the capability

Jerry-it will be fun and we are getting the files transferred as we speak. We may have a "sharpness" problem but it will be on the ceiling
Got it Bob, my mind is a little sidetracked trying to find this poster, so I was having a blond moment - no offense to blondes!

I do not have contacts at B McGaw or Image Conscious - do have names & numbers I could contact?? I would appreciate it very much.


Problem solved! Thanks Bob!!
elaine- I just took in an order for the very same poster- I am sure. The measurements are just about exact (except I was measuring image, and there is just about 1/4 inch white border all around.

I had designed it to be drymounted also

what method did you use and what exactly seemed to go wrong? I'd like to avoid having the same trouble if the paper is funny somehow.