Sintra suppliers?


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
May 8, 2003
Lubbock, Texas
Does any one know where I can get two sheets of 32X40 sintra 6mm or 10mm?
Check with some of your local sign making shops, David. They use Sintra for signs and displays.

(If you lived in the St. Louis area I could hook you up directly with a distributor.)

Some framing suppliers stock it or can get it. You might try your mat board distributor.
I was considering stocking Sintra. What do framers use if for? What thickness and colors do you need and why?
peter: oversize projects and large shadowboxes. Great stuff since it comes in a variety of thicknesses. And the stuff is GREAT for covering worktables.

We get ours from a local plastics distributor in 48 x 96 sheets then cut as needed. and, as I say, the waste if large enough we use to cover worktables. You can cut on it, use acetone/mineral sprits on it and it doesn't "degrade" or whatever the chemical term is like carboard or other stuff you may be using for work surfaces.

Finally, in the respective thicknesses, it is about as inexpensive as foamboard
I like Coroplast for for framing and for table tops. It is polypropylene -- relatively inert, chemically. It is also softer, lighter, cheaper, and lasts longer than Sintra as a cutting surface, I think.

Sintra is sheet PVC, which is not so good chemically. I've heard that it is less chemically stable than polypropylene, and may outgas in a closed-up frame.

Can anyone confirm or refute this speculation?