Simply Sophisticated


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jun 23, 2002
First project: Wedding photo
LJ Frame 393CM 15 1/2 x 13 1/2
LJ fillet 153IG - v-nailed
mat 8559 2 3/4"
mat 8467 3"
CC glass

Second Project: Tibetan ? painting on silk
Munn Frame Works SP278B 1100M 17" x 16 1/2"
Cresent mat W54348 (Specialty) 3 1/2"
LJ fillet 130113
Museum glass
Photo taken through glass.


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The frame came from Munn Frame Works as you see it. I asked them to please make sure they tried to corner match. They did a great job!
Less, not only are you a Pontiac man, but you're a helluva framer, too!
I LOVE the wedding portrait. Simply Sophisticated is a great title for this thread, with that frame job!
Like Hannah, I'd like to know how to get in touch with Munn Frame Works myself.
Beautiful Less!!

Cliff P.
1-800-322-6464 - Florida

They are very fast and have always done a great job for me. I guess at these prices, they should!

I think their chop is 25% higher than their length, and they will join and paint seal the frame for a flat fee of $30? - almost any size.

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Is "Munn Frame Works" in Florida the same or connected to "Abe Munn" in New York??

And what is "paint seal"??

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No Ron_, that is a leopard appalooseal!


Paint seal is just Less's way of saying to seal all of the unfinished areas of the frame with paint. This helps prevent the frame from warping.

I believe that Abe Munn in New York and Munn Frameworks in Florida are family (cousins or brothers, I forget), but completely separate companies. Abe Munn hand-leafs and finishes the line. You can buy length from Abe Munn with a minimum of 50ft. Heck, they will even custom make length for you. Munn Frameworks will sell smaller quantities of length, chop, and join.
The join's back come sealed with paint.

Ron, if Less wasn't a manly-man, he might say that seal is cute. Is it your?
Thanks Mark, you almost made me spit out my coffee.

Hmmmm, could that be Less's wedding photo?

Let's see, I have left a few clues around here somewhere
Ok, Sorry Less.

That looks more like my parents wedding photo.

Never the less , Good job. I know you are not that old. Getting close though. We are all getting close. Makes me sad to say that and mean it.
Yea, someday we may be as old as Ron? Naaaa!
Hey Less, I am late on this one. These are vewwy vewwy cool! Good job. That is quite a handsome couple in the wedding picture. I love old pictures.
Hi Kathy, good to hear from you again!