Simple "Poster" Frame?


Grumbler in Training
Aug 2, 2004
Canton, CT
Is there a product I can use to finish the edge of a print mounted on Gator Board? I've seen/heard of products for posters but have never had a need for anything until now. The prints will be approximately 36"x48" and this is just a temporary fix. The real prints will be done properly later. Thanks for your help.
To bad you are in Canton, CT not Canton, WA... out here you could just send your posters to ColorPlak and they would mount on MDF, face with Seal Vinyl cover, edge with one of 36 colors, route a key-hole slot hanger in the back, insert a sheetrock screw in the key-hole and tape secure, wrap it up and ship it back to you..... you just have to call the customer.

Gator board...1/4" colored tape?
Nice rope or braided cord wrapped around and pinned in place can look pretty fancy, very technical stuff though, make sure you charge well for it...
You can also try sanding it flat (this is what I do on some of my personal art) and then lightly rolling a line of acrylic paint down the sides.