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Jan 24, 2003
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Two more examples of flower arrangements by the same lady. This time they are made out of silk. Once again from the Wedding Cake. The larger one is a 12" x 10" with a 2" dome front. This one is being kept by the newly married couple. The other two are 10" x 8" with a 3" dome. These were presented to the parents. A nice gesture.

The maroon colour for the backing is the colour of the bridesmaids dresses and the waist coat of the groom..

These were a pleasure to do, as the silk is more forgiving than the previous post of Iced flowers, plus we do not have the problem of totally sealing the box from bugs and/or damp penetration.
Hope you like them.
Oh yeah John,
Fantastic, and some rare pics of convex glass put to good use.
Here in Oz, I have numerous flower ladies using my deep glass.
A great time saver, and so much nicer flush to the wall.
Would like to hear about how much this type of glass is used over your way.
Hi again John,
Just saw your other post (icing flowers, also very nice), and now realise these are convex acrylic, and not convex glass.
They look great in any case.
Do you have any trouble with acrylic scrathing or dulling off over there, or is there the AR (abrasion resistant) types over there ?
It is difficult to judge to useage rate of these domes.. Plus they are rather expensive at £24.00 (Uk rates) for a 10" x 8" dome. We seem to do about one a month from April onwards - maybe something to do with the weather and people wanting to get married when it is sunny.
They are fun to do and when completed and you can stand back and say "Yes .. that is nice". Makes it all worth while./
Yes, very satisfying when the framer or flower lady advises their client picked up their flowers and were ecstatic with the results.
It is amzing how clever many are with design and colour, simply incredible.
All the best.
Les -
Do you have any contacts for convex glass or acrylic here in the United States? Thanks
I don't actually know any other business in the WORLD, that does what we do in glass.
I mean overall with the custom sizing, varying depths, quality control, etc.
There seem to be a lot of flower type businesses over in the US that use convex acrylic though, so it must be made by numerous folk somewhere there.
While this gives the same effect when new, I believe acrylic will deteriorate with cleaning dust from the surface causing it to quickly dull.
We do send a fair amount of our products over there, and with the $ exchange it is quite good value.
Let me know in an e-mail your location and what you are interested in and I will cost up for you.
If you are interested for photography (the effect of the glass, old world look, etc) especially for B&W and sepia photo framing, we have a heck of a lot of subtle convex glass specilas on our website 'Specials' page.
Just click on the website link below, then the 'Specials' button.
Take a look, it costs surprisingly little to send a pack of 10 / 16" x 20" convex rectangles over.

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I have never used the sevices of any "To Order Convex Glass distributers.However when I read:
I don't actually know any other business in the WORLD, that does what we do in glass.
I mean overall with the custom sizing, varying depths, quality control, etc.

I did want to mention that I have discussed the availability of this service as Offered by "In Line Ovals"( Formally "Ovals Only"here in the USA) .They had discussed that all One needed to do was to give the lemgth and width and Depth and they could custom design the glass. So maybe interested Parties could contact them for the Particulars.( Unfortuneately I am not in my shop and don't have their address and Phone number at this time) But it should be available online.
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