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Nov 29, 1999
What do you use to adhere s light colored silk to a light colored rag board? Is there a quick refresher course in preservation framing?
If it came into our shop, it would be couched (stitched) down along the edges with silk thread and a sharp needle. Frequently PPFA will offer a course series called "First Do No Harm" developed by moi in conjunction with other National Capital Chapter members. It is a fast-paced course that deals with the many things that framers face in their shops. It may well be offered in Orlando the first part of next year, but I haven't heard yet....
Is the silk that is being adhered part of a silk
mat or is it the work being framed? If we are
talking about covering a window with silk, gloss
acrylic medium and be rolled onto the window and
after it is dry, the silk can be ironed onto it.
If the silk is what is being framed, one must begin by asking about the wisdom of framing a material that looses half of it strength after
220 hours of exposure to sun light.

You could use Yes Paste. Roll the paste out evenly on the rag board with a three inch wide, short nap paint touch up roller. Cover the wet paste with a sheet of smooth Kraft paper, remove the Kraft paper immediately. This will leave an almost invisible layer of paste on the rag board. Lay your silk onto the paste, cover with Kraft or release paper. Put it in a cold vacuum press for about five minutes. Remove it, keep it flat for a few hours. Your done.

There is an old oriental method using starch paste, very similar to above that has been used for hundreds of years, I use Yes Paste though.

I mount a lot of oriental watercolors on silk this way for several artists. Been doing it for these same folks for about twenty years.