SIC Codes

Rob Markoff

PFG, Picture Framing God
Mar 8, 1999
San Diego, CA USA
Hi All-

Would anyone who knows what SIC Codes their busines is classified under please share them?

I am sure that somehow I have been misclassified and I am trying to provide alternitive classifications.

Rob, does this help?

2499 Picture frame moldings, finished-mfg
5999 Picture frames, ready-made-retail
2499 Picture frames, wood or metal-mfg
7699 Picture framing to individual order, not connected with retail art stores
7699 Picture framing, custom

Mar: Standard Industrial Classifications

It regulates how you are viewed by the government, and how much it cost for insurance.

Also, you need to know which our if you are bidding for government contracts.

Must of us are #7699 , #2499 kicks you into manufacturing and OSHA visits twice a year, along with needing to have a written and published emergency disaster plan, disaster training once a year for all employees, at least one certified Red Cross instructed first aider cross trained in CPR.
And then there are the required reading # $258 for the three 4" three ring binders stuffed full of stuff that will give you a headache.

Trust me #2499 sucks.

Assuming you're talking about Insurance Commission and worker's comp rate categories, you may find that the categories used by the State Insurance Commission, or whatever they call the government agency in California, are not the same as the SIC or NAICS numbers. If they do use the same numbers, they may not have every category available for use in their system.

I ran into that problem with the Idaho Dept of Insurance and found that businesses must choose from the list of categories that are available in their computer system. My research yielded the same codes that Baer listed above but NONE were available for my use. We had to settle for a compromise between manufacturing and retail, or classify some employees as retail and some as manufacturing..... me=manufacturing and Kathleen=retail.

Ask the State or their website for the codes available for use and make your choice accordingly.

The State of California has a new "LEAD" fee and required permit that I am contesting because we do not generate or use products that contain lead beyond the specified threasholds.

I am trying to determine why the SIC Code specified for me triggered the fee and the resulting paperwork. Man, it is getting harder and harder to do business in California.

Eventually, we may be forced to purchase all mouldings CHOPPED so we can't be held responsible for the potential of lead in the dust generated from sawing prefinished mouldings. (From providing air supplied/filtered respirators for saw operators and hazardous waste disposal for all dust generated by the saws and/or testing and certification from each SUPPLIER and/or sanitary labs to confirm that the finishes on the mouldings we chop do not contain lead.)

Trust me, I know all about OSHA, CAL OSHA, and the required papwerwork. In more ways than one I am grateful that I now have fewer than 20 employees!
Ouchie! Rob.

What mouldings have lead in them?!?!?

And here we have hot debates about acid content of fillets....

I would think that the Asian countries making moulding for USA consumption would have to comply...

Oh jeez, a whole new round of testing for me.

Just when I thought I was getting a handle on the acid testing... thanks Rob
So it turns out that someone, somewhere had me as SIC 7999........and that opened a whole can of worms.

Now all I have to do is get the State of CA not to think that running an Art and Framing business is not:

7999 Amusement and Recreation Services, Not Elsewhere Classified
You are in San Diego Rob.... What's that place Sport Center, Sports Arena, Arena Drive.....

Oh maybe I'm just thinking of Sea World.... :D