shrinking Decor

Our local electrical co-op quarterly mag was bigger. And more interesting if you ask me.
I wish they would do the frame shop features again. Where they went to different places and featured one shop a month. I loved that. That is what we all really want to see.

Think about it, When you get "home magazines" all you want are the pictures of the rooms so you can get ideas.
Well, that is all we want too. Just ideas! When they put those other frame shops in there we all loved seeing what the others of us where doing. At least I did.

Throw in a few recipies and ideas for organizing a small back room and I will be totally happy.

That's just what I would like to see.

Originally posted by Jay H:
Our local electrical co-op quarterly mag was bigger. And more interesting if you ask me.
LMAO. That is, sadly, true. And the pictures were better.

Got the new issue today. I tend to be a "saver" of magazines etc. but, after pulling out a little survey article, this was the first time I've ever thrown away an issue the same day I got it.
:rolleyes: Rick
I looked thru a Decor from eight years ago and am now getting the same impression.

Now let's ask this question: PFM, Art trends and the other rags==we've even got one local for the area's Southeast framers that Betty is a contributor--have developed quite informative articles on how-to, galleries, local artists, etc.

So what's going on with Decor? Reevaluate the business model? Who's your database? Who are you addressing? Dunno.

I cancelled my subscription but only because I was getting unsolicited email and phone calls and letters from all kindsa people I didn't care to do business with.

But then too, I cancelled my subscriptions to the rest of them too for the same reason.

Guys: stop sellimg your database to marketers. really is a bummer
In a time where we desperately need meaningful market info, we get fluff. My pea-brained impression is that the writers could easily be writing for a Plumbing Magazine one month or a Pets magazine the following, with no more comprehension of the subject matter.

I do not mean to be so harsh, but I really get the feeling that the are just repeating quotes with no real understanding of the matter at hand.

I hope they take it as constructive, but when I read an article about the "Best of the Best" in our industry, I would like to take something meaningful from the article. It is way too reminiscent of a Beauty pageant answer.

Let's dig a little deeper and peel a few layers off that onion and see what we might be able to learn.

I take quite a few Bus. Mags and you just have the feeling that the article was written by someone that really understood the Business they were reporting

I don't get that with Decor (and haven't for quite awhile)

When I read PFM (esp. Jay's and Marc's columns) I think "Yeah, I see what they mean"
could be too the competition and the readership available. I mean how many mags does the art/framing community need in light of the population of that community?

Still, PFM seems to be taking over where Decor was several years back..Then too, some of the higher end gallery mags are also having their own framing sections.

Competition, competition, competition.
Mine's gone already, too. Isn't Decor's original target reader the print and poster folks, with us as a later add-on? When I first started reading it I always skipped the front half 'cause it had nothing to do with me. Maybe they're "returning to their business core"
Hi Meghan-I'm not so sure. Take a look at this months PFM. Read Marc's column on Lending.

Anything even close in depth in Decor?

Or, Hugh's article?

Or, Chris's article?

Should I go on?

And, it's month after Month-way too much "fluff", not near enough "stuff"
I agree with your impressions of the Decor mag of late. The only reason it's still coming to the store is because for some reason I've filled out a free offer for the last couple of years. I've noticed some of the contributors to Decor have jumped ship to PFM.
I'm having a hard time trying to figure out how such a successful magazine (in the past) can go in the dumper the way it has. Doesn't seem to me they are even putting up a fight to regain their previous statis.

When I last received Decor I was becoming disappointed with the content, initially several years ago I was impressed - I think it eventually got to the stage where it was viewed [by the publisher] simply as a place to put advertising figuring that reputation alone would suffice.

If I recall correctly though the November/December period generally produced a very small mag as is typical of many publications at this time of year.
Seems like a large amount of ads and I realize it is the "2006 Product Preview"... but hey - where's the content!
Hey I think I asked this before, but does anyone have the number of PFM, I liked them much better and have not got one in a bit. I would like to be a bit more informed, I think they might help.
Patrick Leeland
In fairness, I think we would all like to see two great resources. I hope they take it to heart and roll up their sleeves and get it done
You can link to the on line version of PFM (Picture Framing Magazine) from the home page of The Grumble down on the left side of the page……note that they get a special thanks from The Grumble …….

You can also access many of the back articles of PFM in the archives for those of you who want to catch up a piece …….it’s a great resource…..and source of framing information….

I never managed to get PFM in Ireland ….for some reason my application never manage process correctly…..but the on line version and it archives was a good alternative……… next to the Grumble it is possible the best resource for picture framers that I found….

And in fairness to Décor it did help me understand the framing business when I was trying to get started………..and as someone did say it always appeared to target the Gallery and art sales outlets over the framer…….which in it’s self may not be such a bad thing……

When I was in Florida at the PMA/PPFA show I picked up a magazine called "Scrapbook Retailer." Although it does not pertain to framing, so many of the business articles cross over to our profession. The magazine is packed with super articles and is designed beautifully! Check this out if you go to the show in Orlando this February.

I renewed my Decor subscription by e-mail a year ago.
Didn't get anything - not even a bill.

Renewed again in SACA show last Feb. They said thanks.
Didn't get anything - not even a bill.

I'm not going to ask the third time.
Well I just received my shrunken issue today and what really astonishes me about this 100-year-old magazine is that there is a typo in the EDITORIAL, for cryin' out loud! ("vein" instead of "vain.")

Originally posted by Bob Carter:
Hi Meghan-I'm not so sure. Take a look at this months PFM.
Um, Bob, I think you took my post to mean that I think Decor is emphasising Business in general, when in fact I was suggesting that they are returning to their roots and serving the print and poster publishers and dealers before the framers.

the "return to the business core" was meant to reference a recent thread here.

Finally got to look at my copy last night ... I guess if you enjoy reading advertisements it's pretty darn kool ... otherwise it totally lacks compulsion.