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Jun 12, 2003
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We just started working with Southwinds Moulding's showcase frames. They are a great alternative to traditional, deep shadowboxes. Pricing is comparable to a traditional shadowbox but has a much nicer look on certain things. The owner Fred Schwartz is great to work with and has a great :cool: product. Here's our first one:

We bought the jersey and cleats at auction at the start of the football season and have been looking for the "perfect" frame since.
It measures 32x40x6 and has AR glass on the sides (we'll add AR to the door next time we order some).


Here's another view:

Now, why didn't I think of that?

I have two "collector" guitars to frame and was fretting over the design.

I've used Southwind products for projects like this but I had completely forgotten about them...

Thanks for the reminder Tony.

Very clean design.

Very neat design!! For the door, did Fred come up with a new moulding to use for the door frame? I don't recognize it as any that I have used from Southwinds.

I noticed what looks like rare earth magnets holding the door closed. Those are really handy little attachments and are so subtle that most people don't even see them installed. I will be forever grateful to Jim Miller for showing them at the last workshop I took of his in Atlanta. I have a healthy supply of 3 different sizes on hand and am coming up with new ways to use them in my designs.

You did a fine job on that display, my friend.

Very nice Tony! A couple questions....

Why AR just in the sides?

How much does this retail for?
Thanks for all the kind words. I just hate the stiff, sewn down look of jerseys. The hanger is much better IMHO. BTW the hanger is scrap 1/4 acrylic that I cut and bent with a torch, then "frosted" with a Mouse sander. Best part of the project? NO MOUNTING! :D The cleats just sit on the shelf and the pennant sits in the cleats.

To answer your questions:
Fred recomended the door molding - it's a half-round/scoop profile. Don't have the number here at home but I can get it. It's in his latest catalog.

Yes, rare earth magnets
. WONDERFUL little things. I'll be calling Lee Valley soon to have some on hand. Much better than a bulky clasp, I think.

AR on the sides - I had scrap (can't bring myself to throw ANY of that stuff away) that I used. Didn't have any full 32x40 sheets on hand for the door and didn't want to spend the $$ for a new box. Next customer who orders AR will buy the new door glass for me, if you know what I mean. It would look AWESOME just judging from the side view.

Retail - still working that out. I'm working on something around $25/foot to cover all mouldings other than the base frame. I think that would cover the showcase and backing materials. There are actually 5 frames - two for the glass, a base, the door and a "locking" frame on the back.
Figuring 32x40 - 12'x $25 per = $300
Base frame $80
Glass $165 (guess)
Labor 3hrs @ $45 $135

We also priced out the same job using Framerica Boxers. If I remember right the Boxers came out a bit higher - having to use 2 mats, labor to ine the box, etc. - but the ShowBox (our name for it) looks so much better for things like this. I like the glass over 6-8 inches of plain moulding.

That's a ballpark. Southwinds isn't in our POS so I'm open to suggestions about pricing these. I really don't want to sell it, so I priced it so the first person with $1500 gets it :D

Originally posted by wpfay:

I have two "collector" guitars to frame and was fretting over the design.
How did this get missed? Wally were you making a pun? Good job, if so!!!
Originally posted by Emibub:
</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by wpfay:

I have two "collector" guitars to frame and was fretting over the design.
How did this get missed? Wally were you making a pun? Good job, if so!!! </font>[/QUOTE]:cool: Ah! Someone else caught it too!
That looks GREAT!
How is the hanger mounted?

Hi David:

The hanger is secured from the front, through the mat and backing, into the plywood backing board with 2 3/4" screws. The jersey simply hangs on it as it would a coat hanger.


Here is a closeup of the hanger. The screws are behind the jersey just below the collar- about where the tags are.

That's the first acrylic (I presume) enclosure I've seen that well done!! Looks great AND, it's a Panthers jersey, to boot!!!!
Sorry, Charlie :D no acrylic here. AR (sides)and UV (front) glass, molding at the corners, linen mat backing.

BTW we got the jersey and cleats at an auction. We were the ONLY bidders - it was late September and no one knew what the Panthers were going to do. Jersey is a replica that Jake signed. Cleats are game-worn (yes, there is grass in the cleats), also signed.