Sheet Music on Glass


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Jul 24, 2001
Buffalo, New York, USA/Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada
One of my customers brought in the sheet music to John Lennon's "Imagine" with a nice photo of John on the cover. Customer wants me to frame this up real special as an anniversary present for his wife (first anniversary - paper!).

The photo (cover) will go in the center of a mat of some sort, but I am thinking of shaping the music and lyrics into clouds and positioning them around the photo. I am also thinking of printing the music onto transparent sheets and attaching it to the glass somehow, so the finished job will have the clouds of lyrics floating above the matting with the picture.

WHAT kind of method can I use to attach a transparency flatly to the glass? I may have to end up with glass on front, then plexi with the lyrics, then mat - sort of floating layers. So the method of attachment has to be transparent as well... Gel medium? PMA? And since these will be copies = conservation is not of prime concern (although I wouldn't want the thing to yellow - gonna use CC on front).

Does this make sense to anyone??? One of those just-falling-asleep GREAT ideas but how to? How to?

The customer has left this all up to me! He knows I'll come up with something spectacular!

(thank you very much!)
Hp, Office Depot, Staples...etc, all have window decal "paper" that is clear and runs through your inkjet. It will stick to the inside of the glass.

If you wanted it to have multi layers, do a couple of plex layers and have clouds of music floating at different levels and overlapping.

I bought some "decal" sheets, for a project that go "on" items, but now I can't find them....but like Skully, I know it's out there. :D
This clear sticky stuff - is it sticky on the front or the back? Actually, I suppose it wouldn't matter because I could flip the image before printing...

Thanks, Baer - this is gonna be a fun project and I just got one of those $15 off coupons from Office Depot yesterday!!! Perfect!
I want to see it when your done!!
Please take a picsture and share with us!!

ummm.....brain and fingers not in sinc there!
Really I can spell picture!!

That's OK Elsa - I tried to spell "farmer" the other day and for some strange reason it came out "framer!" LOL!

For sure I'll post pictures of this creation - if it turns out in reality the way I see it in my head!!!
Mar, There is this product called Lazertran I have been experimenting with for image transfer. I've seen it used in a couple art projects, including some on glass and they are amazing. If applied right you can't tell it is a decal, it looks like it is part of the glass. I have done a small one on a glass bottle and it turned out very nice. Also used it on tumbled marble tile and it actually looks painted on. It is a waterslide decal, and if you want a clear look you coat it with an oilbased polyurethane and it becomes translucent.

There is a learning curve and it is a bit hard to find as it comes out of the U.K. But, I managed to find an online source here in the U.S. The best part is they have one that can be used with inkjets.

I am in the experimenting stage with this stuff but it would pay to look. Here is their website Lazertran

Good luck, sounds like a fun project!

Another advantage to this stuff is you can stamp on to it, I know you are a stamper......
Wow Kathy - that sounds like complex stuff - unfortunately for this project I have to do it right away because the anniversary is just before my eye surgery - it sure would be fun to play with though at a later date (especially when I can see better!).

22 day to go!!!
Try visiting an engraver and checking out their services, amazingly I have a similar project on the board at the moment and have been intending to take a small lite of Museum and run it through a CNC laser machine to see the results as I also wish to have symbols etc floating in the middle...
Framar if you go to;f=5;t=000001 You will find a thread about posting pictures. However in it is an image of a frame executed by none other than Framer TG who started this whole concept way back before 1999. Maybe he will repost his description of the methods and thechniques he used to achieve this framing and you might be able to adapt it to suit your needs. I am sorry but my ability to retrive the thread where Mr. Bill Mckay described his work wasn't retriveable by me,but I do rember it and several other awe inspireing works that started this segment,try browseing soem of the very early dates in DESIGN.
I think this is what you are looking for Buddy. There are like three phases he used to describe project but this one in particular is how he put the musical notes on the plexi. What a beautiful project.....

stenciling on plexi
Buddy - what a great memory you have! Thanks you! And isn't it really weird that my customer brought in the SAME song!!!

Maybe I had Bill's image in my head when I came up with the idea...

Couldn't find any sticky back clear label paper in a big enough size so I bought some inkjet transparency paper. We'll see how this works and then all I have to so is adhere it. Although the box says this product "always remains flat" so perhaps I won't have to stick it down completely!

I'll keep y'all posted!
Framar When ever I do free handed glass etchings I used clear "CONTACT PAPER". The kind you use to cover your shelveing with. It works best when you burnish it after applying it. The really nice thing about it is it allows traceing straight through the glazeing and the contact paper and it comes in fairly large sheets( if you nedd larger sheets you can overlap them and cut through them as though they were one.) .You draw with a Sharpie or a grease pencil and use an Exacto knife to remove the area you wish to etch or color. But what Bill did was to transfer the image onto the protective paper barer of the Plexi useing a carbon of some sort( Tracing and revese drawing works normally)and then cut away what he wanted to paint.
Maybe I am not as OLD as I thought.LOL Usually the mind is the first thing to go and my mind had a head start according to some.ROTHFWLMAO
Well, so far so good - I printed out 5 sheets of music and lyrics - first on heavy white stock and then on the transparency paper. I cut a biscay blue mat with a quarter inch of black inner mat and then cut out the lyrics on the cardstock into cloud shapes and arranged them onto the blue mat. I glued these clouds down with a glue stick around the centers so if they ripple a bit they will have a more cloud-like look.

Then I cut out the transparent lyrics into cloud shaped and placed them onto plexi which was floating 1/4 inch above the matting. (1/4" balsa wood spacer painted with black gesso) The transparencies ended up overlapping onto the image of John on the cover of the sheet music but since they are black on clear over black and white they are VERY subtle.

I could find no way of adhering the transparencies onto the plexi so I taped them all with J-Lar along the edges of the plexi (which will be covered by the frame). What did I try as adhesive? Gel medium - wouldn't dry.
Goop - wouldn't dry. ATG - showed too much. Glue stick - showed too much.

I'll photograph this next week after it is in its frame.

It turned out WAY COOL and so far one musician who has seen it loved it. I plan to drag in a few other musicians for show and tell. I'm sure the stamping world has an appropriate adhesive for my next foray into the music business. LOL!
Alrighty now - here is the picture that is worth maybe 850 words...

Imagine that there is a frame on it!


The frame is gonna be a simple Nielsen #117-13. And it took me almost 2 hours to get this stupid photograph - 2 layers of glazing - oy!
Of course - I might have known that Micromark would have the right stuff!!! Especially now that I have 40 odd sheets of the transparency film left!!!