Sharpening fillet cutter blades

Terry Hart cpf

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Sep 23, 2003
Excelsior, MN
My fillet cutter blades are now starting to get dull. It seems like overkill to send them out for sharpening to the place that does my chopper blades. I'm thinking of sharpening them with a stone like my carving knives and chisels. Anyone had any experience with this? Or could I bring them to a place that sharpens things like scissors and knives? I'm useing the ITW-AMP Mini Mitre if it makes a difference. Thanks, Terry

I sharpen my fillet miter blades on ceramic stones and get them absolutely razor sharp. It isn't worth the time and effort to send them out for sharpening.

Spyderco sells the best stones for this purpose and I have owned a set of them for over 15 years now. They are used dry, will not wallow out in the middle with use, and can be easily cleaned with a wet Scotchbrite and Comet when they become clogged with metal material. They are relatively expensive but are well worth the investment if you are serious about keeping your edged tools razor sharp.

(My kids won't touch any of my knives because of the extreme edge that I put on them!)

Wally recently bought a set of these stones. You might get some feedback from him on their value and ease of use.

Try gluing some 4000 grit wet/dry sandpaper to a piece of glass. Make a jig to hold the blades at the correct angle & slide em back n forth on the sandpaper.