Shark Moulding?!? A Shot in the Dark ......


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Apr 12, 2001
Destin, Florida
I just had a customer ask me if I had access to a moulding that would have sharks embossed/carved/or otherwise embellished on it! That is a first for me!

Her son is graduating as a Marine Biologist with a specialty in sharks and particularly Great Whites so she wanted to frame his diploma in a shark frame.

So I come to the Grumble in search of a "Shark Moulding". I don't deal with all the companies and there may be one that has something like this in stock.

I made the suggestion that we could wrap a mat with shark paper (I think I can find some of THAT down here!) so we do have a plan B should I not find any shark moulding.

Or maybe a shark graphic ala CMC?

Originally posted by j Paul:
How about attaching shark teeth to the frame. Or just one large one in each corner. Hey a custom closed corner frame treatment.
If you choose that route Tom, charge a hefty labor fee.....I imagine the shark will be less than cooperative during the "extraction' will be okay though, distract him with your dazzling personality!

Good luck!
Your right Kathy, Framing is all in the details. I forgot to say use teeth that have already been given up by the shark.
That's okay j Paul, I really posted it because, well, you can't be too sure about the Framerguy. I can just see him wandering out to the ocean with a pair of pliers going "Here, sharky, sharky". He is from Illinois and I think probably not too aware of all things in the deep blue sea.

Just got your back Tom!

You're welcome!
Instead of putting the papar on the mat.
Take any old moulding that is not selling apply some gel medium to the surface. While it is still wet apply the shark paper.
Let this dry then apply either gloss or matt acylic varnish as a final coat.
I do this with the Wall Street Journal all the time for brokers offices or Stock certificates.
Have fun with this one.
Tan some shark skin and hand wrap a frame in it, make a fillet from small Sand Shark teeth using the pointy (gripping) ones in the center and graduating outward with the cutting ones. The larger prehistoric sharks teeth as corner ornaments is a nice touch.

Kathy, Tom won't have to do any shark dentistry. There's a little tacky tourist-trapish shell store somewhere near his shop that sells shark's teeth. All the coastal towns have at least one. They probably have shark jaws, little rubber sharks, and fake shark fins too.
And inflateable sharks, shark lamps, shark banks, little baby imbalmed sharks in a bottle, skark tooth keychains, just to name a few additional goodies that the snowbirds snap up on their migrations.

Wally, I have, in fact done brain tanned buckskins, back a few years ago but, how do you tan a sharkskin?? I know it's a matter of getting his attention onto something other than the skinning knife that you hold in your clenched teeth, but after the skinning, what comes next?

I am not well informed on the whys and wherefores of coastal survival so tanning a shark is a bit out of my realm. But I am willing to learn as long as there is a 50/50 chance that I will live to post a final photo of the finished frame!

I have considered a laser engraved Great White shark image on a flat profile moulding for this job. It is his graduation diploma and I don't think they would be willing to spend enough to get me into a wet suit with a skinning knife clenched in my teeth.

...I don't think they would be willing to spend enough to get me into a wet suit with a skinning knife clenched in my teeth.
Now there is a Kodak moment! :D
You have some good suggestions...i would like to see a picture when you get it done. you have posted some good ones on here and we expect the same on this one.
The acquisition is indeed the hardest part as the shark in not inclined to part with his skin easily. As for tanning I would recommend an SPF of no greater than 15 and even exposure during limit hours over an extended period. (Actually I think the process is the same for fish as it is for mammals...think eel skin wallets).
Remarqueables by Arc-A-Media may be able to help you out. They are part of Stix moulding
Tom, let me know if you need some shark teeth, petrified,of course. I'll run right out to the beach and get some for you. Haven't been out to the beach for ages.