shadowbox with picture


CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
Jul 16, 2002
Wadsworth, Oh
Any suggestions on mounting a photo in a shadowbox? I have a golf glove to frame in a shadowbox with a picture. I stuffed the glove and plan on mounting it, but looking for something creative to do with the photo in the shadowbox. :D
I like to use a fillet, mitered backwards to make a little frame for the mounted photo and surface mount it to the shadowbox background.

A mounted photo will fit in the little fillet frame best if it's edge-trimmed with reverse bevels.

For a more informal, dynamic look, you can mount it at an angle in the shadowbox.

I thought this was incredibly clever the first time I did it, but I'll bet half the framers on The Grumble have done this.
It would depend on the desired finished look of the shadowbox but I usually frame photos that will be placed into a shadowbox with a small frame without glass and then float mount it according to how much depth I have to play with in the shadowbox. All sorts of nice displays can be made with photos in shadowboxes.

This is an old framing that I did years ago but it illustrates my point:


Another option would be to vacuum mount or mylar corner mount the photo to a combination of the background color and white, leaving about 1/8" to 1/4" showing of each matboard. Use the white on the outside to separate the colors and float mount it onto the backing board using foamcore spacers.

Here is an example of what this would look like using a graduation announcement:


The school colors were purple and gold but you could use, for example, a green background with a green and white float mount for the photo. I cut the rectangles for the photo mount with a reverse bevel so it gives a bit more depth and doesn't show the white edges so much.

(As you can see, I am very asymmetrical with this type of shadowbox as I don't really like too much regimentation in my designs.)