ShadowBox book


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Dec 1, 2004
New Westminster, B.C. Canada
Does anybody have Vivian Kistlers book on ShadowBoxes the are no longer using and want to sell or pass on? Discussion with a good friend last night about framing his Gretzky signed stick with some other memoriabilia. I suggested fabric wrapping the background in two colours, the bottom to represent ice and the top something else. He suggested hanging some hockey net in there too. Then a puck from each team he played for, and some photos to add to it. I really need to read up a bit on different methods of mounting in a box and have some references on hand so when I get the job (assuming my friend can afford it) I can be prepared to wow him..

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Keep in mind the fact that pucks are made fo rubber, which degrades and as it does, it might
affect any tape that is still on the stick. You
might work with having a layer of glass ("ice")
and the pucks behind it and the stick in front.
If the "ice" ends short of the ends of the stick,
the stick can be attached beyond the "ice".

Hey Canuck,

Have you fooled around with tule at all? I found some black very fine tule at a JoAnn's Fabric store and it may be just the ticket for mounting your pucks onto a backing board. The white tule would show too much, me thinks, but I'll bet the black tule might just work out fine.

You can use the "Jim Miller" method of mounting by pulling the tule through a hole in the mounting board/foamcore, and hot melt gluing it to the back of the board. I have done this with spherical objects and it pulls taught and all but disappears if done correctly. It wouldn't hurt to experiment with it.