shadowbox a scarf


CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
May 31, 2004
Goodmorning all,
Though I don't know the size of the silk scarf yet, client will want a 3-D presentation. I did a search and only found various methods of mounting it flat. Any thoughts? Photos?
Thankyou for any input
Some sort of Mylar support seems logical and Jim
Miller is best suited to give you technical ideas,
but he will need more of an idea as to what sort
of three dimensional presentation is required.
If the scarf has value, UV filtration is wise.

I like things in shadowboxes to look as if they were just casually dropped there, rather than staked out and nailed down.

A silk scarf should drape beautifully, but it's going to have to be supported. You can construct some foamcore hills and valleys on the backing board, then cover them with unbleached muslin.

(I would never ever disagree with Hugh, but I'm wondering if mylar might be too stiff in this application.)

You'll still need stitches concealed in the hem of the scarf if the edges are going to be seen.

Sounds like a fun project.

Thanks Hugh and Kit. In this instance, the customer specifically asked about a shadowbox. In as much as Mylar is a great tool, 'casually dropped there' will be the design goal for this one. And not only stitching the hem, I would imagine that some of the interior portions will have to be invisibly attached here and there to whatever is beneath as well.

My concern is making sure the scarf will be stationary and fixed in place, invulnerable to handling/tranporting/hanging the frame, but not look fixed in how a still photo of a sporty car looks like it's moving when it's not.

Thanks again for all advice
Just found out the scarf is 12x48

open block pattern with spaces between blocks, to reveal backing.

am thinking to fix it securely at the top and have it puddle at the bottom of shadowbox but how to keep it stationary during moving...we do want that draped look.