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Sevalon wire snapping

Frame Lady

CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Oct 7, 2003
Seattle, Washington
We have used the sevalon wire system since the beginning of whatever. Sevalon use to be made in the good ol' USofA. Now it is made offshore, is a smidgen thinner and is breaking, we have had four pictures returned because they fell off the walls! I am getting scared now. We use the 90 lb and 135 lb test, and it is the 90 lb that is breaking. The national supplier only carries two different weight strengths, I understand Sevalon makes about 9 different kinds for the fishing industry.

Up until the current time, we have NEVER had the wire break, not in over 20 years.

I need your help, is there another system out there like the sevalon with the brads that you crimp? If so who makes it and what is the name of it. I have seen something like Sevalon but can not remember its name and the supply books all carry softstrand and regular wire.

So, any advice?

When you say "the wire is breaking"........ is that at the center of the wire (where the hangers meet the wire) or at the crimped ends?

Is ther any problem with chaffing (rough edges) of the hangers, crimps or D- Rings?

What weight is the framed items?

What is the angle of the wire accross the frame...... straight accross - slight angle - high triangle ?

Have you called the manufacturer (not distributor) to see that there are no bad batches of stock in the system?
...Or for GOOD OL' BRAIDED WIRE STUFF! I don't remember ever having that snap. Ever. Bandaids are kept on hand, however. Taped at the ends to protect the customer who hangs it. Cheaper -er- less expensive too. I used the Sevalon System 20 years ago in my first shop. Salesman saw me coming, I didn't know there was another way, and I did have those break now and then, when I crimped the brass sleeve too hard. Could that be the problem? There is an in-between not crimping tight enough (slipping out) and crimping too hard (breakage), but that was with the old USA stuff, don't know about the thinner offshore stuff.