September gilding classes at Smithsonian

Jerome do you have any clue as to how much this will cost? It sounds intense and very fun. I would love to do that if feasable.

I did not see any fee structure.......

lecture used to be in the $30-50 range and classes ran $100 and up. There was also a weekly (all event) rate.
Thank I will have to keep an eye out. That would be neat to catch a few classes in a place like that.

The last time I was there (a SOG event) were went into the back room to see the Kress Foundation Collection. There were frames 200-300 years old in the racks. Of most interest was a rather small frame made from real tortoise shell.

When I took a class from Jonathan Thorton, part of the class covered Dutch Ripple frames. Jonathan made a machine to make the rippled moulding. As a comparision we went to the Cleveland Art Museum Conservation lab were we saw sample of an old Dutch Ripple frame - a real Rembrandt was inside the frame :eek: and resting along the side wall was a Degas pastel ready for fitting.