Separation Anxiety part II


PFG, Picture Framing God
Nov 2, 2001
Centennial, CO, USA
I am taking a small break from reality this weekend. I am closing my doors Saturday and will not return to the store again until Wednesday morning. I am even leaving home for that period of time. Just a small trip, but so needed.

I about came unglued in February just leaving the store with a friend for 4 hours to go to a wedding. Although, I enjoyed it immensely. So, this is a big deal for me. I am filled with much anxiety over this but much anticipation also. But it has been brought to my attention by a very smart Grumbler that the benefits of getting away from it far outweigh any short term business I might have had if I hadn't closed. In fact he insists they will come back. Of course, I plan on holding this said Grumbler responsible when I can't pay my bills at the end of the month.

The only time I have had away from this place for more than a day was last year when we had a blizzard and when I was sick. I even came in this Thanksgiving until dinner time. Heck, I was here on Christmas day framing my families gifts because I just couldn't show up with promises of framing to come once again.

I am so self involved in this place that I pretty much don't care about anything else anyway. Nobody else understands my predicament and pretty much sees me as selfish. So, it is time to reconnect with the world. Even if it is for three days. And my sister is covering the expense of the hotel room. And a very good friend just happened to come in this week and purchase a picture that cost $150, coincidentally after I had told her I was trying to round up $150 to go on the trip.

Just the thought of not opening for two days gives me the heebie jeebies. sales have been horrible the past few weeks, all I see is my bills stacking up and worry worry worry. I hope I can turn my mind off in regards to this place come Saturday night, I'm really looking forward to it. I really need it.

I would say to "just relax and enjoy" but I can tell it makes you very anxious.

It is something that you are choosing to do and not having to do because of circumstances so if you look at it that no matter "why" you are closed - you are not there and TRUST ME - they will come back.

Don't worry: as an old beau of mine used to say "If you worry you die, if you don't worry you die - so why worry". Worry is wasted energy. It doesn't really solve, change, improve, impede or alter in any way shape or form the natural flow of life...

And I have always been a firm believer in changing the routine brings new and often times wonderful experiences that take you in a direction you had not thought of and certainly never planned on.

"Don't push the river, it flows by itself." (another favorite quotation - from way way long ago)

Kathy - enjoy the time away.

Take the break Kathy, it really will do you good to get away from it all.
If you think about it, (BEFORE YOU GO AWAY!), worrying about the work, the business,family and friends, has obviously,not been doing you much good, so what have you got to lose?
Some years ago I found myself in a situation that seems very much like the one you describe. I was travelling to and from my London studio, 100 mile round trip by train and subway from Monday to Saturday and then on Sundays by car.
One particular Sunday I found my self going from one order to another and another,all URGENT all IMPORTANT, or so I thought at the time. As soon as I started one my mind would be a blank so I would turn to the next and the next and so on and so on. I realised that I was fooling no one but myself. Seven days a week "I would say to myself,"Where is it getting me?" Answer, NOWHERE FAST! On the way home that Sunday I suddenly realised that TURNING UP FOR WORK IS NOT ENOUGH. SO I cut out the Sundays and a little later the Saturdays as well.(I had no retail shop the but a studio makinG special mats for Fine Art Dealers in the West End) My Clients worked Monday to Friday why shouldn't I ?
I lost no clients, no business AND regularly managed to clear all my week's work in five days.

I say good luck on your break. Just go for it girl!

I have many years of sales experience in a number of fields…….and I have NEVER lost a customer because I took a few days off……as you know I have paid scant attention to my framing business for the last year or so (that is changing as of the present)…..I still have all my customers…bar one who I ran out of my workshop.

Take your break…enjoy it…send a photo…….your customers will still be there when you get back……put a sign on the door telling customers and prospective customers that you have taken a short break to recharge your batteries and that you will be back on Wednesday refreshed and ready to take on ALL their framing requirements.

Take the break….you deserve it…….set a precedent that on occasions you do take a bit of time out to refresh your creative skills……I think you will find that your customers will appreciate you for that.

Enjoy you’re your refreshing time.

Thanks guys....Yeah, Alan I know the feeling but this isn't a good kind of obsession. It would be one thing if I were hugely successful and there weren't enough hours in the day to get things done. It is just the opposite. As busy as I am, especially lately. I should be able to come in at opening and leave at closing. But, I can't do that. I am here all day everyday. I feel bad when I am not here.

I am so bogged down in this place that I can't think straight. I have to constantly remind myself to move forward. I think I have so much information and worry cluttering my mind that I am no longer effective at anything. My ability to focus is gone.

I've made some great positive changes to this place. I have so much more I need to be doing but I find I simply cannot even move forward because of the weight of it all. If I don't get away and start concentrating on other things my head will 'splode.

Getting away for a couple days is a huge step for me. The point has finally been driven home that I need the release from this place in order to clear my head and move forward.

Who knew a little antiquing jaunt to southern Colorado would be so fraught with poignancy and life altering signifigance. My sister thinks were going for the fun of it. I think I'll keep this one to myself.
Just picking up a friend in Colorado Springs and going on an antiquing jaunt a little further south Jo. Just getting away to clear my head and breathe some fresh air. Oh yeah, and eat breakfast every morning. I hope to come back recharged and ready to once again reinvent myself. I've been totally ineffective the past few weeks, and the money isn't exactly pouring in but I'm going anyway. TAWANDA!
Kathy, go away, enjot your self, and for Heaven's sake, DON'T THINK ABOUT THE STORE! It will be there when you get back. Having a little fun will do you a world of good.