"Send To" application change, Not!

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Feb 6, 2002
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I used to use Mozilla for mail. Now I use Outlook. But when I right-click an image and select "Send To" > "Mail Recipient" it opens it in Mozilla. I can't figure it out - it doesn't seem to be as simple as changing the file association. I also tried changing the "Opens with:" properties of "Mail Recipient" in the "Send to" folder to Outlook and that didn't work either.
If I was there I could show you how to get to the registry editor and fix the problem. I helped with a large scale migration from Netscape to Outlook a few years ago. One thing you can try is to uninstall Mozilla. Windows sometimes puts the registry back to the former settings after the uninstall. It would be a quick fix.
David, try looking at this page, though I'm not sure it's what you need:
Hidden Mozilla Preferences

Towards the bottom there's a section called "LDAP preferences" and it talks about integrating Mozilla with Outlook.

I'm surprised - usually Outlook prevents other programs from working, not the other way around..
Found this on a message board.. it's for a fax program but should probably work for email as well (since they both use MAPI via the Send To command):

Here's a solution to the problem people are having with not being able to use Microsoft Fax when having the Mozilla browser installed.

Here's what I did on my Windows95 (verB w/USB support) machine:

1.) Open Mozilla, click Edit, Preferences, Mail & Newsgroups
2.) Uncheck the box 'Use Mozilla Mail as default e-mail application' (or something similar)
3.) Close Mozilla

Now go into Windows Explorer and do a search for simply MAPI32.DLL

You will likely find 3 files in the results. You are only concerned with those that appear in the C:/windows/system folder. The MAPI32.DLL file will be 6Kb. On my machine, the other file was called MAPI32x.DLL and was 709Kb.
This larger file is the 'real' MAPI32.DLL that Microsoft fax is looking for when activated.

4.) Rename MAPI32.DLL (6Kb file) to MAPI32MOZ.DLL
5.) Rename MAPI32x.DLL (709Kb file, may be called something a bit different on your particular machine) to MAPI32.DLL
6.) Close Windows Explorer

Now, click Start, Settings, Control Panel.....click Internet, then the Programs tab. The program specified to work with E-MAIL should be Microsoft Outlook (not Mozilla). This is how you need it to be assigned.

Close the Control Panel and then click Start, Programs, Accessories, Fax...Compose New Fax. Or conversely, open say, Word, and bring up a file, then click File, Print, and choose Microsoft Fax. In either case, Microsoft Fax should come up and work fine like it always used to do.

Next, upon opening your Mozilla browser, it will ask you again if you want to make it your default e-mail application. Put a checkmark in the box 'do not ask this question again', then click NO......your Mozilla e-mail screen will come up, and once it connects to your ISP's mail server, you will simply be asked to input your password. Your e-mail should work fine. Mine did.

I also went back a 2nd time to activate Microsoft Fax and it worked. Then I tried my Mozilla browser again, and clicked the mail icon and it also worked fine (it only wanted me to input my password...didn't bother me with the 'make default...' crap since as you recall I'd checked 'don't ask again' previously).

So far, things seem to work fine.

Also, you don't need to go in and click the Mozilla preference again under Mail & Newsgroups to 'Use Mozilla Mail as the Default e-Mail Program'...it's unnecessary (for most people, I'd imagine). Your e-mail will still work fine coming into your Mozilla mail client.

If none of the above worked, you can change the default mail program by going to:

(In Internet Explorer)
TOOLS -> INTERNET OPTIONS -> PROGRAMS. You define the various default programs there.


TOOLS -> OPTIONS -> GENERAL -> "This application is the default MAIL handler" [MAKE DEFAULT] -> APPLY -> OK


TOOLS -> OPTIONS -> OTHER -> click "Make OUTLOOK the default program for mail, contacts, and calendar" to ON. -> APPLY -> OK

Any of the above will hopefully fix it up. (unless I misread the problem) It shouldn't be necessary to do em all.

Let us know if it doesn't work.

Best regards
Normal MailTo links work fine. Outlook is the default mail client. It's only a problem using the "Send To" command.

I tried editing the prefs.js file, unsuccessfully. It won't take the line with "x" as the variable because it's not defined. Then I got to thinking that the prefs file is read only when Mozilla is executed, so I think the problem is before that.

I looked at the MAPI situation as well. I do have two MAPI32 files in \system32, but the Mozilla one is already called MozMAPI32.dll.

I don't want to uninstall Mozilla because I have a couple of years worth of mail that can't be converted to Outlook :mad:
I'm sorry for mis-reading your question, and thinking it was a basic setting.

Are you sure the old Mozilla messages can't be exported from Mozilla and imported by Outlook? I've done this in the past, with a much older version.
I haven't found any way to export or import the messages. I do know that Mozilla keeps all the mail messages in one big text file and somehow translates them into messages. Maybe I'll look further into that possibility tho.
I found out that supposedly you can import the messages into Outlook Express, and then from OE into Outlook.

That is, assuming that the Mozilla files are equivilent to Eudora files like the Mozilla web site says they are.

However, when I try to open the folder with the mail in it I get an error message that says "No messages can be found in this folder or another application is running that has the required files open." Since I don't have Mozilla running I'm assuming that the files are not compatible enough.
Microsoft might have the answer : -
Outlook may not be used to send the mail. Also, if you click a Mailto: link on a web page, your system may not open an e-mail message, or may use a mail program other than Outlook.

When you send a document from a program by clicking Send on the File menu, or by pointing to Send To on the File menu, and then clicking Mail Recipient, the e-mail program that is set as your default Simple MAPI client is used to send the document.
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 223877 This did the trick for me when I had the same problem.
Nope, that's not the problem. Outlook is the default mail program. I even tried changing it to Mozilla and OE and back to Outlook. It always uses Mozilla for "Send TO" "Mail Recipient". (Yes, I clicked "Apply" and waited for it to get done).
Yeah Mike, the article I read about Mozilla is that it likes to hog the MAPI stuff that gets called when you do a Send To command, hense the two different MAPI dlls.

I have a feeling still that the MAPI32 file is probably the culprit.. David, for curiosty's sake, can you check the version of your MAPI32.DLL?
1.0.2536.0, dated 8/18/01
Crap, same version as mine (except my dll is 5 days older, probably from a different XP build).

I think there's a guy here who installed Mozilla for a browser - I'll take a look at his box after lunch...