Selling the art from an Artist's estate

Pelican Art

Feb 13, 2004
Petaluma, CA
A customer came in wanting to know the best way to sell the art assets from her daughter's estate. She has about 50 of the "best" paintings that she could not get herself to put up on ebay.

Question: Do you have any suggestions on who to go to for selling 50 paintings from the estate of a fairly successful artist?

Did the artist ever have gallery representation? I did a posthumous show for a wonderful local artist that was a sellout. I had shown her work in my gallery for several years before her death and had a fairly good mailing list. Even had a guy come in and want to bargain for the entire show before the opening. The collectors were pleased to be able to add to their collections knowing that there would be no more new work available.

The primary consideration is finding out the artists market size. Local, regional, national, international? We have a lot of "well known" artists in this area, but they're not so well known in Savannah or Orlando.