searching for information on a artist


True Grumbler
Apr 25, 2001
I'm looking for information on a Canadian artist who is from the Ottawa area, The last name is Dittmann and I think the first name is Iris but can not make out the name from the photo of the art my customer is looking for. The painting that she is after (actually a print of the painting) is of a country style home's front porch, with a old wooden chair on it. She had donated the print to a hospise after her Mother passed away and now wishes she still owned this print because there was a family interest to it.
This has stumped me also, I was hoping someone from the Grumble may have been able to direct me into another place to start searching again but thanks any ways. Goddess great saying at the bottom of your post I can't remember ever seeing it there before. Only a true cyclist can understand and enjoy. Thanks