searching for deep lipped moulding


CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
Jul 24, 2004
Round Pond, ME
I am searching for a moulding that would be 1 1/2 inches deep.... and the lip of the moulding needs to be 5/8" deep and the moulding is 3/4" wide in a neutral wood color similar to a pecan or very light walnut. Clocks will be going into these frames. I will need a minimum of 1000' per month.
Call John White at Whitewoodworks, here in Maine.

207-272-4921. He can mill it out to your specs, and I love his finishes. Worth checking out.
Foster mouldings 682-2" is roughly that size but comes unfinished in bass, maple, and walnut. Can you finish your own woods?
Garrett moulding can turn that out in pecan, walnut, poplar w/stain, basswood, or maple what ever the price point needs to be....

1-800-645-3344 Talk to Tom Bergen.
Just to increase your options...

Sometimes if I need the frame to give a little more coverage I'll add a fillet. If you find a good "base" moulding you could just play with some fillet options to get the look and depth you need.
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