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Can anybody tell me how to search further in the past then 300 results? Marc has come up with some good threads that appear to be more than 300 posts old. Is it possible, or am I missing something? Help!!!
Charles, it isn't the age of the thread, it's the number of search results that's limited.

If your search criteria results in more than 300 "hits," you need to refine the criteria (limit the search) by including more key words.
This is off topic but...does anyone but me find it disturbing to see Picture Framing God and that goofy smiling avatar attached to Charles' name?

What have you been doing, Charles?
On second thought, don't tell me.
I was looking for the threads you posted long ago about 'How To Post Pictures On The G'

Apparently everybody finds me disturbing. But to answer your question, that's Smilin' Bob from the Enzyte commercials. I find HIM disturbing, but the commercials hilarious!

EDIT: Ron, I was hoping to help Buddy with his picture posting problem, and I remembered you had, like 4 steps for posting. It made it really easy.

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Yes, Deb, it was quite a shock to see that face under Charles' name...

Charles,as for you new title, I wasn't aware that the title could alter your appearance! You're not disturbing, you're charming. That pic is not!

Does Bo know about this change??!
I was gonna put my little dog back, but I can't find him. Another G'er was kind enough to email him to me, but he won't appear. All I get is a red X.

And Bob won't dissappear like old avatars would when you changed them, so I changed to 'No Avatar' until I get my puppy back.
Hi Charles

That image I sent ya has to be uploaded to your website or personal webspace, then you just insert the link (web address) of the picture as your avatar. It can't be linked from your local C: because the general public can't see your local drive. (and thats a good thing)

Charles, I'm so glad you haven't turned into that weird grinning guy.
He's kinda creepy, ya know what I mean?
Speaking only for myself, of course, I don't WANT to look at Charles' hard drive. :eek:
I gotta tell ya, I think there are much easier free photo hosting services out there than MSN Communities. My directions were pretty specific for MSN, but some of it will apply to other hosts.

You may notice I don't post a lot of photos these days. It's rarely worth the effort.